Ali Quli Mirza – The Bad Boy of Bigg Boss with girlfriend Gauri

Ali Quli Mirza has been branded as the bad boy of Bigg Boss, by the members of the house, not neccessarily by the audience.  In a recent app task by Bigg Boss, he got to meet his girlfriend Gauri. The two even had a lunch, the lovely diversion bringing a smile to his face as much as to Gauri.

Ali has been caught in the eye of storm many times. He was singled out for allegedly touching Sonali inappropriately, the punishment of which resulted in him losing captaincy rights.  Then Parineeti Chopra who came as guest, created a ‘bakra’ of sorts, saying that he touched her inappropriately. Later it turned out that she was only joking by being in cahoots with Salman Khan, the host of the show.

sonali raut slapping ali quli mirza

Ali’s cup of woes didn’t end when she ran into a heated argument with Dimpy Mahajan. But the worst nail in the coffin, so to say, when  Sonali slapped Ali Quli Mirza. It turned out that Puneet Issar was in the mood to tell what inappropriate comment Ali had made about Sonali, when Lisa Haydon had come to meet them.

Ali was also confronted by Upen Patel once, when he came to know through Pritam that he (Ali) had said that Upen and Diandra were having ‘fun’ in the house. Someone in the house even said that Ali Quli Mirza had rejected Nigaar Khan for marriage, seeing her looks.

Ali however, has gone on lengths to say that he respects women at all levels. Well, with all the charges being labelled against him, it doesn’t still give right for someone to slap or using physical violence. Sonali’s slap was defintitely something that went against the most important rule of  Bigg Boss. She was punished of course, with Bigg Boss nominating her each time, but is it a fair decision.

Meanwhile, it seems that the only bright memory Ali Quli has of the Bigg Boss house is the dinner with girlfriend Gauri.

Ali Quli Mirza with girlfriend Gauri (Pictures)

Ali Quli Mirza girlfriend Gauri picture (1) Ali Quli Mirza girlfriend Gauri


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