Alia Bhatt – Diet Plan, Beauty Secrets, Workout Routine

Alia Bhatt, once overweight, went from fat to fit, losing 16 kilos for her first film. The beautifully, talented actress has ever since kept up the good habit, even after tucking successive hits under her belt.

The cherubic actress may have to contend with her dumb-appeal as far as general knowledge is concerned, but there is no taking from the fact that Alia Bhatt is one of the natural gifted, effortless actress in Bollywood today.

Though she first faced the camera, at the tender age of 5, she debuted as a lead actress in Karan Johar’s Student of the Year. In the course of her teenage, she was an overweight teenager with lots of chubbiness and baby fat, which she shed to look divalicious in her films that we see know.

Alia’s fitness regime consists of regular gymming and some yoga. The 21 year old says, “My personal trainer tracks my eating habits and exercise regime.” Not slim by any stretch of imagination, she had to lose 16 kilos to slip into the swimsuit for Student of the Year.  To look slim for the movies, Alia began to workout trice in the gym, focusing on cardios and weight training.  She did three sets of exercises like dumb-bell, push-ups, squats, etc with 20 reps each.

Alia Bhatt diet eating

Alia gave up on burgers and French fries and started eating high protein foods with low carbs like oats, salads, fresh fruits etc. Noticing that she was gardening praise for her slim look, she has continued to do cardio almost every single day for at least 30 minutes.  She loves dancing and treats it as a workout.  Her favorite dance forms are kathak and ballet.

Alia Bhatt’s beauty secrets lie in drinking lots of water, taking vitamins and hair treatments. She says, “I also do body scrubs and massages.’ Her handbag usually has the following makeup items – lip balm, Prada perfume, chewing gum, hair brush and kajal.

alia bhatt makeup lipstick

Alia says that she keeps her skin clean with Garnier Pure Active Neem face-wash. She is not into makeup, most of the time but loves to apply kajal.  Her favorite lipstick brand is Maybelline, the one that she endorses. She uses all their products personally, including the kajal, mascara, BB cream/stick and nail polish.

Alia Bhatt workout routine (in the gym)

alia bhatt exercise picture alia bhatt working out alia bhatt workout pictures alia bhatt workout

Without makeup pictures

alia bhatt no makeup alia bhatt without makeup photo alia bhatt without makeup pictures alia bhatt without makeup

Here are other pictures of Alia Bhatt without makeup.

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