Alia Bhatt without makeup

Alia Bhatt would prefer to go without makeup, if she had a chance.  She says, “My idea of beauty is how you look, when you get up in the morning. If you are beautiful, you are actually beautiful without the need for makeup, hair-dos and clothes. ”

At home, the actress is her usual self, in  a pair of  pyjamas or shorts and a T-shirt, with no costly creams stuck to her face. Alia Bhatt who has been blessed with a clear complexion, likes to take care of her skin by drinking plenty of water, and keeping herself hydrated. Quite like her contemporary role-model Parineeti Chopra who is also without makeup, most of the time, the ‘Highway’ actress likes to keep it simple and uncomplicated.

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alia bhatt without makeup alia bhatt without makeup pictures Alia Bhatt without makeup photos

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