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33 year old Kapil Sharma is in a position where he can make other top-rung celebrities look stunted before him.  From a rookie comedian to the being the biggest names in the business, life was definitely not a funny ride for him.  But the person with a reflexive sense of humor and the gift of gab, the actor who has laughed all the way to the bank and into the hearts of millions with his blockbuster TV show ‘ Comedy Nights with Kapil’, maintains that it is important to be loyal to one’s roots.

The 5 feet 8 inches tall Kapil hails from Amritsar, his father was a head constable in the police department. Kapil says, “My father was detected with final stage of cancer in 1997 and I was still studying. He died in 2004.I did not have money to pay my college fees but since I was good in theater, colleges volunteered to fund my education, so that I could represent them in youth festivals.  I took up commercial arts and then went on to do diploma in computer science. I loved the computer class because that was the only room that was air-conditioned.  My father got quite unwell and I requested the principal, if I could teach theater to students to earn money. It was a whole new learning experience to me, because as a teacher, you get to learn a lot from your students.  Meanwhile, my histrionics were also being appreciated by students; they were a good sounding board for me. Laughter Challenge auditions were happening in Amristar and I decided to give it a shot.”

Kapil auditioned for the show in Amristar for Season 3 but was rejected by the judge.  He says, “My school friend, Raju, who plays the servant in Comedy Nights with Kapil, was selected.” Determined to give a second shot, Kapil went to Delhi, auditioned and bagged an entry to the show. It all ended with Kapil winning the title in 2007. He then went on to do Comedy Circus before he considered exploring the possibility of doing his own show, Comedy Nights with Kepi; and the rest they say, is history.

Kapil has high regard for his father, who he says was an inspiration.  He adds, “My father had a big heart and unlike other parents, didn’t expect anything from me. I would scold him, “You don’t look after yourself who is why you’ve cancer. Post my tenth standard, I began to work in a PCO to earn pocket money.  I would pray to God to take him away, as I couldn’t see him in pain.  Those were the time, when we had no money, and we would stay in a rented accommodation.  I used to cry a lot when I came to know that dad had cancer. Once I caught him drinking but he said, Forget it, I have to die, anyway.” Kapil says that he was scared of his father, but as he grew up, he understood him to be a sweet guy.  We tend to get our father’s qualities without even realizing it. Like him, I do not get worried that easily. For instance, when our set caught fire, everyone was worried, but I was like, ‘Thank God, we didn’t get hurt’

Kapil talks about times of how his mother had sacrificed a great deal for him. He says, “In January 2007, we had fixed my sister’s marriage.  Her mother-in-law wanted a ring ceremony.  Out of the 6 lakhs we had, 3.5 lakhs was used in my dad’s treatment. I had only 2.5 lakhs for her marriage. With that money, we couldn’t afford the ring. I came to Mumbai in April and ended up as the winner of Laughter Challenge, winning 10 lakhs. I called my sister after the show and asked her to buy a ring with the money. I started doing shows and earned 30 lakhs, which was good enough for her marriage.  I also got my elder brother married. My mother is quite innocent and feels that I do not get enough sleep.  Recently, I took my mom to London for the first time where I had gone to the cancer auction of my friend Yuvraj Singh.  I am a huge Dhoni fan but when I introduced him to her, she asked him “Beta, kya naam hain aapka?’ I was so embarrassed.  Similarly, she knows the name Sachin Tendulkar but does not recognize him. Later after I took a picture of Sachin sir with her, she tells me ‘Why didn’t you tell me he was Sachin?’ But she knew Karisma Kapoor, and was thrilled to have a picture clicked with her on the flight back home. “

Kapil says that he had his first girlfriend in theater days. He says, ‘We would do theater together. Then one day, she and seven other girls were asked by a cultural exchange program to do Gidda for Prince Charles in London. She never came back; she married a Gujrati store owner, for whom she was working. I recently met her in my London trip.” Kapil adds that marriage is not on the cards for the moment. He says, “I will not get married for at least another two years. I see how my friends’ phones keep on ringing when there are working, as their wives keep calling. I am free spirited.  I just feel like working.  I am very happy with my old friends like my guitarist in the show, Wilson, the music director; and Preeti Simoes. My old friends insult me on my face, I like it, and they are my old friends.  They know me more than anyone in the world.”

While some people do not support Kapil’s decision to do movies, he has a different take to it. He says, “If I close my show, people would forget it in six months, as their memory is short. But DDLJ is still permanently etched in people’s minds. I want to be a part of comedy films.”

Kapil who was signed for Yash Raj’s ‘Bank Chor’ did not quite workout because of the movie’s commitment clashing with his show. The TV star has been now roped in to do Abbas Mustan’s comic thriller.  Kapil likes to work mostly in the night because he feels that his mind is at its optimum between 10 in the night and 6 in the morning. He says, “In Amritsar, we would stay on the 3rd floor. We had no lift. Since my mother had a back operation, my dad shifted into railway quarters, where one of the railway people would rent out the house for Rs. 700. This place had an open kitchen and the cat would come and drink the milk every day. Once my grand-father came to stay with us but the place was so limited, there were already three people and my parents, and it was difficult for dadaji. He went to an old age home, I felt quite bad. Once a person becomes old and the kids ignore him, he wonders what he will do for the entire day. You give him something to do and he is happy. So my idea is to keep say, 60 old people and 60 dogs together. The old people can look after the dogs and the dogs can tend after the old people. “


Kapil Sharma has courted a few controversies, the most noteworthy of them being his Twitter fight with KRK (Kamal Rashid Khan). The latter had poked fun at him at the microblogging site.  Kapil after several episodes of patience, messaged him that KRK should be famous on his own merit and not on someone else’s name. He dared him to call him and that he would show what a true Punjabi is. Later Kapil apologized to his fans and said that he should not have reacted the way he should have, but said that the man was trying his patience. Similarly, ek Big Boss contestant Ajaz Khan pulled Kapil’s name and went to Youtube, venting his anger for Kapil not airing his episode. Kapil chose not to react this time. Also, the TV star entertainer has reiterated it is to the channel’s discretion to decide which guests have to be shown.

Kapil Sharma net worth

The Forbes in 2013 listed Kapil Sharma as 93 in the 100 top earning celebrities in India, with 4.5 crore net revenue.  He is rapidly rising up the ladder with more projects and plum ad endorsements lined up for him including the lucrative Olx and Honda.  He bought a house in Andheri  which is expansive and also include an in-house gym. Kapil Sharma rides an SUV Range Rover Evoque, which is above 60 lakhs.

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