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Alok Nath jokes are the toast of social media, he is now on par with Rajnikanth as an icon to respect, yet have fun with. The senior actor was surprised on seeing himself trending on micro-blog sites but later said that he started enjoying the jokes. He says, “I was a little surprised as to how I went viral for no reason because I am not on any social media account.  It turns out that one of my movies was playing and soon, I was trending.  My son told me that it was nothing serious and jokes based on me were getting popular. I am happy that people are considering me in some way or the other.

Alok Nath sportingly says that he loved the jokes. He observes, ‘All of a sudden, I have become a very, very important person. I am  more than pleased that people are taking time to make jokes on me.  I am taking the entire thing positively and am enjoying the attention.”

Alok Nath jokes

Alok Nath has zero friends because he always turns Dosti into Rishterdaari

Alok Nath was the first person to call Parle as ParleG !

Aloknath holds a world record of having the maximum heart-attacks in one lifetime.

Aloknath walked into a bar and convinced everyone inside to stop drinking.

The only game Aloknath plays on his phone is Temple Run

The only two wars Alok Nath has seen in his life is Pariwar and Haridwar

Alok Nath believes in Aashirwaad at first sight

Alok Nath was overheard telling his wife :- arey beta chaai bana lao.

Alok Nath is so sanskari, ki uska ghar ka pressure cooker bhi seeti nahi Marta

When Alok Nath was born, the doctor said, “Badhai Ho, Babuji Hua Hain”

Alok Nath ‘s favourite inspirational song: “We shall overcome, we shall overcome, we shall overcome samdhi…”

Alok Nath’s whatsapp status usually is
At temple
At Kirtan
At Jagrata
Aashirwad about to die
In a marriage
Samdhiji calls only

Alok Nath Memes

Alok Nath photo

Alok Nath memes

Alok Nath jokes


Alok Nath joke

Alok Nath babuji ka aashirwaad

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