Amitabh Bachchan Unwell – Health Improving

Megastar Amitabh Bachchan’s health fell into rough weather as he experienced pain. He underwent a CT scan, which went well but the pain continued, as he wrote in his blog. Big B wrote on Twitter – “The CT scan went well and clear … but the pain continues .. medications given, and advised bed rest .. tough in circumstances where there are dead lines to keep ..But shall keep all informed ..”

On his blog, Amitabh Bachchan explained the condition in detail in a rather philosophical manner –

t is not often that you get to see these time lines above, but when issues of health take over, changes occur .. and the bed is the best place for all kinds of reading and writing to be pursued .. and that is what I do ..

Pain needs a story, it needs character, recognition, to be addressed and to be borne .. what else can one do .. its like moving in with a stranger, one that has not been welcomed or accepted ..

And no matter what others express, the degrees of pain have different connotations with different individuals .. what seems painless to one is the maximum to the other and vice versa ..

Many though, thrive in pain … they wait for it to occur, in order to achieve fulfilment .. sadistic, masochistic  and many other ‘istics’ ..

Pain though is universal .. humans, animals, mammals … all alike .. and the expression for it is universal too .. it is an immediate recognisable factor ..

A legend then … a hero, this pain .. you talk about it with some pride at times, seeking sympathy and concern .. normal conditions will not get you those compassionate looks and speech … but somewhere there is an arrogance to wards it ..

“Hey ! my pain is much bigger than yours !”, is an oft repeated refrain .. it is used as a distraction .. when your expression submits itself to the people at large, there is an immediate synonymous, concern .. a face change .. many look and survive with the pain because of it .. it draws attention  …

But in the end it is a very individual fight .. no substitute, no runner, nothing .. bear it or bear out ..

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