Armaan Kohli Arrested for Violence Against Sofia Hayat

The police arrrested Armaan Kohli, on the charges made by Sofia Hayat for abusive and violent behavior. During the last few weeks of her stay, she had a  harrowing time, fighting with Armaan, who gave her grief. During one of the tasks, he had even hit her a with a van mop. Sofia had protested against the violence and said that she would be going out of the house, but the Bigg Boss had asked her to stay back.  Sofia, was evicted the very next day.



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Out of the house, Sofia maintained that she would be lodging a police complaint against Armaan. She stood by her word and did what she said.  Sofia said that she was appalled in the way the Colors  Channel took a light stand of the situation and did not throw him out of the house. Sofia said that she will also be suing Colors Channel over not taking action against Armaan, inspite of having a no-violence contract in the agreement. Meanwhile, Armaan’s father has also filed a defamation case against Sofia Hayat. The UK born actress received steady support on Twitter for her step.

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Armaan Kohli who was booked under various sections of the IPC, stayed for the night at the police station on 16th December and then appeared at the court at 1. 30 PM, the next day.  He was later released on bail, and has been asked to rejoin Bigg Boss house. He testified that he did not hit Sofia intentionally, he was just trying to snatch the broom from her, and it hit her. He said that Sofia was using dirty water for car-wash and he was trying to prevent her from doing so. The Bigg Boss team that accompanied him, said Armaan will be back in the House soon after completing very formalities and he will be in the finals, as well. The bail was granted on a property guarantee given by his father, Raj  Kumar Kohli (producer-director) and his uncle with a surety amount of Rs. 50,000.

Armaan Kohli in Police Station – Pictures

armaan kohli in police station armaan kohli arrest

Here is the injury mark on Sofia’s face, allegedly hit by Armaan.

sofia hayat injury pictures

This is the copy of the police complaint by Sofia Hayat, shown to the press

sofia hayat police complaint pictures

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