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Arpita (DOB – August 1, 1989) is the adopted daughter of Salim Khan and Helen.  Arpita’s biological mother was a homeless woman, who died in a footpath in Mumbai. The girl  has studied at London College of Fashion and has a degree in fashion marketing and management. She is attached to a leading architectural and interior design firm in Mumbai. Unlike her husband Aayush Sharma who is interested in acting apart from his business, Arpita would rather be in the business side of fashion. She has also said that she would like to try her hand in film production.

The 25 year old Arpita has a tattoo done, which contain the name of her family members-  Salim Khan, mothers Salma,  Helen, brother Salman, Arbaaz, Sohail, sister Arpita and friend Deesksha.  The tattoo is in the form of a star and ha the words Love and Luck.

Few know that Arpita Khan had an ex-boyfriend in the form of Arjun Kapoor. This was when he was 18 years old and overweight at 140 kgs.  Incidentally, Arjun is still quite close to the Khan family and always looks up to Salman for inspiring him to shed weight and build a toned body, in order to be in movies.

Arpita has a unique equation with each of the members of the family. She says, “Mom is the one I share my every detail with, while dad bails me out of tough situations. I can always depend on him.” On the wedding evening, she had hand-written a speech which she gave to Priyanka Chopra to read, lest she may break down.  Priyanka read, “I am the luckiest girl to be brought up in a family like mine—Sohail bhai and I shared the same room until he got married — he’s like a friend to me.  Arbaaz bhai is like my guide, he always told me what’s good and what’s bad. Salman bhai though, has the biggest heart. For him, I can do no wrong. Everything I did, he was there to support me.”

Arpita Khan – Wedding Photos

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