Bobby Jasoos Review – loses wind at the end

Bobby Jasoos has two really strong points going for it – the  female detective concept in Bollywood, which has never been explored before, and of course, the actress with enormous star prowess – Vidya Balan.  Sadly, the movie does not really do justice to either of the two aspects, and the weak climax waters down all the efforts.

 Story of Bobby Jasoos

Bilqis (Bobby) runs her own detective agency in Mughalpura Mohalla, Old Hyderabad.  Her quirky passion is supported only by her mother Zebo (Supriya Pathak) but her father (Rajendra Gupta) would rather have her get married and settle down, as she has crossed 30.

Bobby solves small cases that involve tailing certain people, stalkers, spouses etc; in spite of the fact that she has neither experience nor a degree for her vocation. Though the money is not really flattering, she continues on her trip, till good luck finally appears at her door-step in the form of one shady Anees Khan (Kiran Kumar). He offers her potfuls of money to find a couple of girls and later a boy.  The man remains mute on the reason as to why he wants Bobby to track these people.

Bobby soon finds that she has been used all the way and when she tries to shadow Anees Khan, along with her friend, Mr. Khan throws them out. An insulted Bobby vows to get back to the bottom of the case and find out the reality about Anees Khan and the case of the missing girls.

Bobby Jasoos Vidya Balan diguise roles

Plus points of Bobby Jasoos

Undoubtedly Vidya Balan, it is her chameleon abilities as a performer that takes the cake in the film.  And yes, great work on the makeovers too!

Minus points of Bobby Jasoos

Again Vidya Balan, because of late, it seems like she has lost the ability to pick the right scripts.  She is also trusting the wrong directors, the debutant Samar Shaikh seems to be at sea, with various subplots in the film.

While the build-up of Mr.Anees looked good, it is weighed down by shabby direction and substandard editing.  For instance, the audition scenes and the ‘biryani’ scenes could have been crisply edited.  The songs mar the flow of the film. The worst thing about Bobby Jasoos is the terrible climax. While people were expecting a predictable reason for why Mr. Anees was doing, what he was doing, the end turns out to be really lousy and needlessly melodramatic. What follows after that –Vidya’s reunion with her father, is equally grating and stretched.

Best scene of the film

When Vidya Balan sends Ali Fazal to his father to reject the marriage offer, and he ends up praising her; this was an entertaining scene. While one wished this scene was longer, the director wrapped it up abruptly.

Performances in the film

Vidya Balan is the whole and soul of  Bobby Jasoos. She has worked hard on the performance but it comes across as effortless.  The male lead of the film, Ali Fazal is quite convincing and holds his guard against his terrific female counterpart.  Kiran Kumar is fantastic and keeps an eerie air around him, his towering personality adding to the mystery element.

The movie has a very strong supporting cast,  with really superb talents like Kiran Kumar, Rajendra Gupta  (Vidya’s father), Supriya Pathak (Vidya’s mother), Tanvi Azmi and Zarina Wahab. Arjan Bajwa is apt and so are Aakash Dahiya and Prasad Barve, Vidya’s colleagues in the film.


Bobby Jasoos gets high on solving cases, so solving why this movie gets a low-rating, should be easy for her.


** (Could have been better)

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