Bollywood Actresses who have done Plastic Surgery

Bollywood actresses plastic surgery

A renowned plastic surgeon has that 80 percent of Bollywood celebrities go for botox or plastic surgery to enhance their appearance, ease the wrinkles and fine lines and look young as ever. Mostly, Bollywood actresses go for botox that explain their youthful facial appearance even in their late 30, 40s and even 50s. Of course, a good diet and fitness does pay but Botox is still the order of the day for most Bollywood actresses.

Botox® is injected underneath skin in order to even out fine lines and facial wrinkles. Botox numbs the facial muscles, leading to a smooth, facial appearance.  Plastic surgery is invasive, Botox is not, which explains its popularity.  The downtime is also minimal. The scars go away in just 24 hours and the swelling subsides in a couple of days. Botox is cheaper but the effect is temporary and can last for 6 months, after which you have to go for another Botox shot.

Botox® and their ilk are also called as injectables or ‘neurotoxins’ or ‘neuromodulators’. They are used to address aging signs in areas like the lines on the forehead, the crows’ feet under the eyes and the wrinkling near the eyebrows, the area around the lips and the sides of the nose.  Since these neuromodulators reduce muscle contraction, they put a stop over the deepening of lines, albeit temporarily.

Compared to injectables like Botox, fillers accentuate the volume of tissue below the folds and the skin lines.  These are often administered to the lower part of the face, applied on the line that moves from the nose to the mouth. Fillers are used to accentuate the cheekbones, the area below the eyes and the lips. The basic difference between Botox and fillers is that while fillers are used on the lines of the face that are ‘at rest’, the latter works on the area that is wearied by overuse.  The effect from fillers last for 4 months to a year and can depend on the intensity of the create, the area injected and the filler type used.

Botox and fillers can accentuate thin lips and make them fuller. They can reduce shallow contours, reduce facial fine lines and wrinkles. But they cannot change the elements of your face, like, for instance, give you a face lift.

The plastic surgeon or the cosmetologist takes a call on whether a Botox or filler is the best alternative.  Compared to Botox and fillers, plastic surgery is a cosmetic, invasive procedure where the patient goes under anesthesia for a youthful look. In this, excess facial skin may be removed and tissues may be tightened to give a firmer appearance.  Swelling and scaring can be expected after the surgery. The recovery time is about 2 weeks.

Bollywood celebrities plastic surgery before and after pictures

shilpa shetty nose job plastic surgery

 Shilpa Shetty –  Anil Kapoor went on to say that Shilpa Shetty is the worst example of Botox. The tall lady, who is known for a sporting nature, did not take it kindly. But we must say that Anil did get it half right. Shilpa Shetty definitely has had plastic surgery done, gone for nose job, lip job and many other enhancements but they have only added to to her beauty. Actually, Shilpa Shetty is one of the best examples  of botox and fillers done right.

preity zinta plastic surgery

Preity Zinta – It is clear that she has undergone plastic surgery, mainly lip job, nose job and even face lifts.  Tusshar went on to add on Koffee with Karan show that Preity Zinta is synonymous with Botox.

Kareena Kapoor plastic surgeryKareena Kapoor – Look at the transformation of her face, and you will see lip job, nose job, face and chin augmentation. Her nose has become more well-defined and she has high cheek-bones now.

sridevi plastic surgery

Sridevi – The actress is a standing testimony to numerous plastic surgery procedures from breast augmentation to nose job and generous additions of fillers and botox.

Madhuri Dixit botox

Madhuri Dixit –  In an interview, she herself said, “I am not against plastic surgery” You can see several changes  in her face as the lady looks stunning when she was 47 compared to  4 years ago, when she had let herself go.

Kangana Ranaut silicon implants

Kangana Ranaut – Her plump lips owes it to fillers and if you look below, the silicon implants are obvious.

bipasha basu 2

Bipasha Basu – It is no Raaz that the dusky beauty had gone for breast implants, when she started her movie career.


Hema Malini  – She transformed from dream girl to a dream woman thanks to plastic surgery. Botox has erased the fine lines from her face and the area around her lips is also youthful, belying her age by a good twenty years.  She herself was quoted saying cosmetic surgery is not a bad thing.

Aamir Khan botox

Aamir Khan –  When he had fine lines and looked visibly aged in Fanaa (2006) and Taare Zameen Par(2007), Aamir did a 360 degree turn-around and looked all of 20 years at the age of 46 for 3 Idiots.   Aamir Khan, sources say did plastic surgery in the US and underwent botox to very good effect.

Ranbir Kapoor hair transplantation

Ranbir Kapoor – The heart-throb has a receding hairline, and there were rumors of him going for a hair transplant.

priyanka chopra plastic surgery

Priyanka Chopra – Despite her claims of not having any plastic surgery done,  her nose job and a fuller lip are a willing testimony of fillers used to accentuate her facial elements.

rani mukherjee plastic surgeryRani Mukherjee –  Her nose job is quite apparent, her nose is now long and more angular, complimenting her face.

ayesha takia breast implants

Ayesha Takia – The most buxom woman in Bollywood was not so when she started off.  Her implants seem to be a personal matter, as she has always shied off exposing for the movies.

Shruti Hassan plastic surgery

Shruti Hassan – The cherubic actress has done a fine job with her nose, the plastic surgery seems to have worked wonders here.

Katrina Kaif plastic surgery

Katrina Kaif – The bee stung lips look really attractive, thumbs-up to some great fillers used Her nose job is also evident, the second photo shows a well defined jaw-line,  nose and high cheek-bones.

aishwarya rai plastic surgery

Aishwarya Rai – While she had denied plastic surgery and said that she has only worked on her teeth enamel, face lifts and botox are evident.
Shah Rukh Khan hair weaving

Shah Rukh Khan – Shah Rukh Khan is probably the only actor who has not gone for botox. This is probably got to do with his back injury surgeries that has put a lid on plastic surgery. He is also known to sleep very less and work actively. But you do see him in a hair weaving job here.


  1. Bipashah,rani,ayeshah,katrinah are fine and others are not fine cuz there is a different before and after.

    • Katrina has NOT Gone through ANY SURGERY whatsoever. Its Ignorant and idiotic to say that. Her Everything from head to toe was always Perfect. She still chose to use fillers in her lips which she never needed though. n thats something TEMPORARY, its not Surgery.

      Preety, Kareena, Madhuri, Ranbir also never gone through Any Surgery either! Such a Non-Sense article.

      With Age, Makeup, Grooming people look totally different. My own pics Look totally diff from one another & obviously i know i have not gone through any surgery.. ppl who r ignorant abt Makeup and grooming write such articles.

  2. Not correct.. Aamir has natural beauty with his baby face who never aged..and he never ever did any plastic surgery..and that wrinkles in the first picture because he is rising his eyes and any person even if child will get wrinkles if he rising the eyes brow

  3. Aish has clearly had extensive work from an. Her face is so different it is almost indistinguishable from her look in her early films. Also why does she continue to claim she has green eyes, when clearly childhood photos show her with brown eyes?

    This woman is not a natural beauty anymore, nor is most of the bollywood actresses who are going under the knife.

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