Bollywood Actresses who went for Breast Implants

Here is a list of Bollywood actresses who went for silicon implants

sridevi breast implantsSridevi, in her late 40s opted for silicon implants. While, reports were rife that she had gone for breast implants, Sridevi did not choose to comment.

Ayesha Takia breast implants

Ayesha Takia had breast implants , though she embraced silicon, she has never spoken about it.

Bipasha Basu breast implants
There were rumors that Bipasha Basu had to still pay for the implants that she had got in early 2000.

Mallika Sherawat breast implants
Mallika Sherawat also had implants done, as you can see from the pictures.

Sushmita Sen breast implants
Sushmita Sen had been honest enough about to admit about going for silicon implants.

Poonam Pandey breast implants
Poonam Pandey became famous and made her modest assets famous with silicon implants.

Kangana Ranaut breast implants

Kangana Ranaut’s silicon implants are a growing testimony (pun intended) of the way enhancements are being popularly catered to, in the highly competitive Indian movie industry.

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