Famous Indian Actresses with Short Hair

Contrary to the perception, short hair can actually look glamorous and beautiful in some girls as these famous actresses can testify. Incidentally, the Cleopatra look with straight blunt cut and lean, thick fringe is in […]

South Indian Actresses without Makeup

South Indian actresses without makeup  are quite a revelation. Of course, they look beautiful and cute but they look just as real as us.  Among most Kollywood and Tollywood actresses without makeup, Anushka Shetty, Trisha, […]

PK Movie Dialogues and One-Iiners

PK is now India’s biggest blockbuster ever, having earned more than 300 crore in India and Rs.600 crore plus worlwide.  Apart from Aamir Khan’s briliant acting, PK’s dialogues are a rage. But that doesn’t come […]

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