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Daisy Shah, (age 29) is famous as the Jai Ho actress, starring opposite Salman Khan. Her career had humble beginnings, she started off as assistant to the famous choreographer, Ganesh Acharya.

Her journey into the movies

Daisy was born in Sion, in Mumbai. While her father was a floor manager in a cloth factory in Dombivli, her mother is a housewife.  After completing her school, she  participated in a Miss Dombivli competition, that was taking place in a mall. She won the title of ‘Miss Photogenic’.  The ramp choreographer who knew some people in Bollywood, gave her an assignment in which she would have to be a part of the crowd in a song that was being picturized on Sunny Deol. The payment was Rs.600 for two days. But on that particular day, it rained heavily and four of the dancers did not turn up. The choreographer asked the coordinator if he could give four girls to him. The four extras that were handed over to dance in the background, included Daisy Shah. Ganesh spotted her and asked her to join his troupe. She stopped going to college, after she finished her HSC.

Daisy Shah was a group dancer in most of Ganesh Acharya’s songs, this went for two and a half years, before she was roped in as his assistant. Her job involved learning the dance steps from Ganesh and teaching them to others involved in a song. Daisy, who had set her sights to be a prominent face in front of the camera, was not really happy being a choreographer. Besides, she did not like the pressure of dealing with the egos of the star, the  director and the  producer.

Daisy went on to do modeling in the South and her portfolio land her a Kannada film. After she did that film, she came back to Mumbai where she saw that her mentor Ganesh Acharya was choreographing a song from Dabangg. This is where Salman Khan spotted her. He asked her about her career ambitions and she showed him her pictures and her Kannada film.  Salman offered her a role in Bodyguard, it was that of Kareena’s friend. The role eventually went to Hazel  Keech. Daisy was not interested in the role and was having second thoughts about speaking about it to Salman. Nevertheless, she did and though Salman understood her reasoning.

Daisy got busy with few other South Indian films. Salman called her again after few years asking if she wanted to audition for Jai Ho. She passed the test and Salman and his family announced about this to her when they were having dinner.

Daisy Shah (Height, Weight and other personal trivia)

She is 5 feet 7 inches tall and her weight is around 60 kgs. Known to be a complete foodie, she is more on the voluptuous side. Daisy was asked to tone up her body for her role in Jai Ho.

Daisy lost her father in 2007. She was quite close to him and she says that Salman Khan is now a father-figure and a friend at the same time.

She has a scar on her forehead which was the result of a car accident in Ooty. Her doctor Narendra Pandya assured that she will like her scar some day.

Daisy says that she would love to romance Salman Khan, in all her films, if she had her way. She says that he has a very strong memory and is soft-hearted by nature. She says that he tends to get angry rapidly only to cool down equally fast, just like her dad.


2010     Vandae Maatharam     Tamil//Malayalam
2011     Bhadra                     Kannada
2011     Bodyguard         Kannada
2013     Bloody Isshq         Hindi     Special appearance
2013     Bachchan         Kannada Special appearance
2013     Gajendra         Kannada
2014     Jai Ho (film)         Hindi
2013     Soda              Filming
2013     Aakramana         Kannada

Daisy Shah – boyfriend

Daisy says that she is not involved with any guy and having a relationship is similar to being in a prison. She believes that love usually lasts for just six months and then gives way to questioning, which she doesn’t like. She believes that if you are committed, you should also trust the person.

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