Deepika Padukone – Diet Plan, Beauty Secrets, Workout Routine

Deepika Padukone is the hottest female celebrity in India; she is also top in her countdown for Bollywood actresses with the best body.  What is the secret of her ultra-toned body, that kick-ass butt and those long legs?

Workout tips – Fitness Fanatic

Deepika Padukone reveals that she was into sports right from her school days. She says, “I would always go for badminton practice from 5 to 7 am during school days. Even after school, I would practice for 2 hours.  This regime definitely had a huge role to play in the way my body developed and maintained itself.  When I joined colleges, I discontinued playing and even exercising. But the years of practice for badminton kept my body fit over the years.”

Deepika Padukone workout

Deepika says, “ I was always slim but I knew that my body could look even more defined..  I started working out with my trainer Yasmin Karachiwala and she incorporated Pilates and strength-training in my fitness regime. This did wonders to my body and I managed to tone it well.  I lost a couple of kilos but it was worth it.”

That Deepika doesn’t like gymming is a known thing, she is someone who likes to mix her  exercise regime with pilates, yoga and cardios.  She says, “ I don’t do conventional gym exercises but I do lot of free-hand weights, and five sets of stretching exercises with ten or twenty reps.  I like to do Pilates. During long hours of shoot or travel, I do not get time to exercise. But I incorporate fitness into every activity I do.  I take walks around my building and since I stay on the seventh floor, I climb the stairs instead of taking the lift.

Deepika Padukone fitness

 Deepika says  she loves all desserts but resists the urge and treats herself once in a while.  Her trainer Yasmeen says, “Deepika tries to workout for an hour atleast, every day.  She will workout at home, if she cannot come to me, with either Yoga or Pilates.”

“Deepika tries to come in every day for an hour. But currently, for example, she is in South Africa and hasn’t been exercising for over 10 days. This is when she’ll usually work out at home with Pilates or yoga,” she explains. Pilates has indeed Deepika Padukone’s body,  toned her legs, arms, butt, pectorals, and shoulders.

For the beach scene in Cocktail where Deepika Padukone wore a two-piece bikini, she had to tone up her entire body. She worked with light-weights and low reps besides Pilates.

Deepika Padukone diet plan

Deepika+Padukone diet bananaDeepika Padukone eating

Her breakfast consists of two egg whites, two hours later, she has fruit juice.  If she is in a hurry, she has Kellogg’s cereals with fruit juice or milk. Her lunch is grilled vegetables and fish. In the evening, she has fruits again or vegetable juice. The dinner comprises lean meat, grilled fish or chicken.

Beauty tips

Deepika Padukone’s daily skin care regime consists of using a moisturizer with SPF during the day. At night, she removes makeup  and applies hydrating cream.  She takes tender coconut oil massages at least once a week to maintain her hair quality.   She likes to also take adequate amount of sleep and drink plenty of water.

Deepika Padukone without makeup

deepika padukone no makeup deepika padukone without makeup picture Deepika Padukone without makeup

The transformation – with makeup

Deepika Padukone hot pictures Deepika Padukone hot Deepika Padukone with makeup lip gloss Deepika Padukone without makeup deepika-padukone makeup

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