Diandra and Gautam kiss their way to the bathroom and bed!

Gautam Gulati and Diandra are definitely sizzling Bigg Boss 8 with their romance. The last episode saw Diandra indulging in sweet-nothings with Gautam who even sported guess-what while speaking to  her. Well things are defintely heating up here. And add to that, Diandra even took Gautam Gulati to the bathroom to share some private moment. Now, is this relationship really going the strong way or the wrong way? Is Diandra using Gautam or is this for keeps?

Diandra Gautam Gulati (1) Diandra Gautam Gulati (2) Diandra Gautam Gulati bathroom (1) Diandra Gautam Gulati bathroom (2) Diandra Gautam Gulati bathroom Diandra Gautam Gulati bed Diandra Gautam Gulati love Diandra kissing Gautam Gulati Diandra Soares Gautam Gulati

What looked like a budding romance between Gautam and Sonali turned to dust, when Sonali began to steer off him, choosing Upen Patel over him. It is a different thing that Upen does not really care  much for Sonali, when it comes to blurting out the truth. Now, with Sonali insulting Gautam, her friend Diandra who seemed to be nursing a silent crush for him, came out in the open. Gautam didn’t hold back from acknowleding his feelings. He even told her that he was child-like deep inside, which seemed to warm up Diandra’s heart. And with the bathroom romance between Diandra and Guatam rekindling memories of Gauhar-Kushal and Tanisha-Armaan escapades, let us see if this one is for keeps.

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