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Dimpy Mahajan doesn’t have any strategy in mind for Bigg Boss 8, where she is the wild-card entry contestant along with Renee Dhyani.  Dimple who is separated from her husband, says that though she did not take any advice from him about the show, she reiterates that he did tell that there were no friends in the house. The ex-model says, “I am not in touch with Rahul regularly. He knows that I am going into the house.”

Dimpy Mahajan – Age, Height and Rise to Popularity

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The 25 year old Dimpy was born on July 25, 1989 in a family of modest means. But she proved to be a quick learner and was academically inclined. She graduated with honors in English literature and then started dabbling in modeling.  The 5 feet 6 inch Bong beauty won a local beauty completion, after which she began getting plum projects to model. She took part in the Gladrags MegaModel (2009) and the ‘Sananda Tillotma’ beauty contest in Kolkata, where she ended up as the second-runner up.


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Dimpy took part in the show ‘Rahul Dulhaniya Le Jayenge’ where she was among the many girls to woo Rahul Mahajan (son of political leader Pramod Mahajan). He had made a name for himself by his active participation in Bigg Boss 8 (which was one of the finest seasons, the show has ever had), despite having controversies of being a druggie and having to deal with the tragedy of his slain father.  The chemistry between Dimpy and Rahul was to be seen to be believed; the man picked her up as the winner and his wife.  Dimpy was distinguished as the reel and real wife of Rahul Mahajan and the couple wed in 2010.

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Domestic violence against Dimpy

Seven months into the marriage, Dimpy accused Rahul Mahajan of physical abuse and beating. She said, “Rahul beat me up on Thursday morning just after getting up to know about a message that was beeping on my phone. When I told him to go back to sleep, he got so angry that he punched, kicked me and dragged me by the hair.” After some days, she had reconciliation with her husband and said that though things were good between them, she was still a bit nerved.  Rahul has a history of domestic abuse behind him, when Shweta Singh, his first wife and then-best buddy, has complained that he had indulged in domestic violence with her. The couple had divorced in 2008, following which Bigg Boss 8 happened.

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TV Shows

After patching up with her husband, Dimpy got pregnant, but suffered a miscarriage. She then began to participate actively in television and participated in the TV game competition ‘Zor Ka Jhatka’ hosted by Shah Rukh Khan in 2010. She also took part in the TV show Kahani Chandrakanta Ki(2011). Dimpy paired with her husband again on TV for Nach Baliye Season 5, in 2012.


Dimpy Ganguly Mahajan did her first Bengali movie in 2011 called ‘Hello Memsaheb’. She also did an item number in the Bengali movie ‘Swabhumi’ in 2013


Dimpy Mahajan had a relationship with NeIl Shah in 2009, they were a part of a group of friends. The romance fizzled out and she was single by 2010, when Rahul happened. Now, Dimpy is dating a Dubai-based businessman, who was friends with her, before she met Rahul. Dimpy says, “I am separated from Rahul but the divorce can happen anytime soon.”

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Divorce reason

Dimpy Mahajan’s reason to divorce Rahul Mahajan can be due to many factors. While one source blames Rahul’s eccentric behavior and the inclination to go violent as the reason, there are reports about Dimpy’s affair with her Dubai-based friend and businessman could be the reason for the separation between the two, which is said to be mutual.

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