Ek Villain Movie Review – There is No Suspense but Good Drama

Ek Villain though a lift of the movie ‘ I Saw the Devil’ still stands on it own as an interesting film. Only, if they had worked on avoiding a cliched romantic track  and put more focus on thrills, it would have been a superior product.

Story of Ek Villain

Aisha (Shraddha Kapoor) is a terminally ill girl. Guru (Sidarth Malhotra) is  a ruthless ruffian with a horrible childhood.  She falls in love with him and Guru’s life is gradually transformed.  The pregnant Aisha has one wish to fulfill to make Guru a good person and she manages to do it. The  couple are happily married and Guru finds a new job.

Meanwhile Rakesh(Riteish Deshmukh), a serial killer, an obsessive husband enters the scene and kills  Aisha.  Rakesh is a sadistic who kills every girl who makes fun of him, one of them is the pregnant Aisha.  It becomes Guru’s mission in life to track Rakesh down. Rakesh is killed in the end but by a random guy in a Mahindra scorpio. A changed Guru adopts Rakesh’s orphaned child.

So, there is no particular suspense or villain in the film. It is a pure vendetta film with loads of drama and fantastic treatment.  Of course, the movie is a copy of the Korean hit ‘ I Saw the Devil’.

ek villain movie review

Plus points in Ek Villain

The director Mohit Suri has a tight leash on the film and handles the romantic sensitively. The movie goes in a flashback mode with Shraddha Kapoor’s character being killed within the first ten minutes. Therafter it is a rejoinder of romantic scenes  intersped with  Riteish killing every woman who taunts him. The movie’s climax is the best part of the film where Riteish dares Sidarth to kill him.

Minus points in Ek Villain

There is too much violence in the film.Those who expected suspense from the film, may be disappointed.  The movie had been unintentionally  touted as a whodunnit; those who expect Shradha Kapoor to be the villain, are going to be disappointed, she dies ten minutes into the film.  Though the movie is nowhere as violent as the original ‘ I saw the Devil’ it still has too much gore and mindless action for an average viewer to digest, especially the one  who was expecting the film to be a romantic venture.

The romance in Ek  Villain do not captivate you, the chemistry between the lead pair do not really impress you, Shradha Kapoor has a character similar to what Asin had in Ghajini, while the latter was cute and loveable, this one is irritating.

Ek Villain falters heavily on the logical bits. Yes, you look for logic in such films which are not in the same mould as a Dabangg. So when you see something stupid like Sidarth recognizing the kid has something to do with Shradha, by the way he is holding a red paper fan, you begin to laugh. Was Shradha the only one in the entire Mumbai, who could make paper fans? Really? And then just before the climax,  Riteish calls the police-man and informs his about is whereabouts. The confused cop dumbly sends  Guru to seek revenge, overriding the fact that he is a a dangerous serial killer, answerable to the families of so many women he had murdered in a vile manner.  The item number of Prachi Desai is probably the worst, one has seen in Hindi films, of late.

The movie goes to justify itself, like many other Hindi films.  Every Hindi film has the villain laying out his master-plan in public, to the protagonist, in the climax, and this one is no less. The supporting cast has half-baked characterizations – a Goan don who is hilarious when he talks, a kid who seems more religious than interested in studies, a cop whose mind is never made-up (thanks to the screenplay writer).

How similar is Ek Villain to I Saw The Devil

Despite the makers’ claims, the movie is a lift of the Korean movie. Some of the scenes being the girl begging to set her free because she is pregnant, the hospital fight scene and the entire set of scenes where the hero decides to inflict pain on the villain, are lifts. But unlike the Korean film which was devoid of drama or back-story, the Hindi version seeks to go inside the brain of the serial-killer and makes several scenes palatable to the Indian taste.


Riteish Deshmukh shows why he is one of the most under-rated actors in Bollywood, he steals the show.  Sidarth Malhotra is superlative, his brooding intensity is to be seen to be believed.Shraddha Kapoor is a bit of a let-down, she overacts and goes the Asin way from Ghajini but is not able to match the sincerity of the latter. Twitter Devil KRK gets three scenes and surprisingly, he is a scene -stealer and his trademark 2rs. dialogue gets the ceetees. Aamna Sharif is okay, Remo Fernandez is unintentionally funny and the others are not worth mentioning.


Ek Villain is a one-time watch. Go for it without expecting a suspenseful movie.

Rating – 2.5 stars (Above Average)

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