Famous Indian Actresses with Short Hair

Contrary to the perception, short hair can actually look glamorous and beautiful in some girls as these famous actresses can testify. Incidentally, the Cleopatra look with straight blunt cut and lean, thick fringe is in vogue now.

Anushka Sharma short hair

  • Anushka Sharma – She is mostly seen with shoulder length bob, which goes very well with the shape of her face.

Sonakshi Sinha short hair

  • Sonakshi Sinha – The actress who was seen in the initial years of her career with long lustrous hair, went for a makeover and got herself smart shoulder-length blunt cut.  She tends to look more girlie with this look and says that her new look has been much appreciated. Sonakshi Sinha says, “ I feel lighter with this style, plus all I need is just 3 minutes to blow-dry my hair.

Tamanna short hair


  • Tamanna Bhatia –  The actress has been experimenting with shorter hair-style as of late and one must say that it looks flattering on her.

Bipasha Basu short hair

  • Bipasha Basu – The stunning diva always had a stunning body but she took her sex appeal notches higher by focusing on a trendy hairstyle.  Her short and playful hairstyle definitely is a traffic stopper.

Priyanka Chopra short hair

  • Priyanka Chopra – The stylish Priyanka Chopra is never shy of going great lengths for her role. She is also particular about surprising people with her interesting makeovers. Some of Priyanka Chopra’s short hairstyles are the stuff that can be the pride of the best-selling fashion magazines.

Shriya Saran short hair

  • Shriya Saran – Shriya Saran looks funky and adorable with her short and smart style that compliments her svelte figure.

tabu short hair

  • Tabu – Isn’t this a neat surprise? Yes, Tabu , the woman known for her long hair, actually experimented with short hairstyle in Hu Tu Tu in the 90s.

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