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Fawad  Khan (age 33, born November 29, 1981) is a popular actor from Pakistan who debuted in Bollywood with ‘Khoobsurat’ in 2014.  Though he was born in Karachi to a Punjabi family, his childhood was spent in various places like Dubai,  Athens, Saudi Arabia and Manchester, along with his mother and father, whose nature of work required him to travel. Post his father’s retirement, Fawad came back with his family to Pakistan. Well into his teens, the boy completed his education  including Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science,  in Lahore.  Appearing strikingly good-looking in his teens, he began modeling in his teens and began to take active part in school plays.

Fawad met his girlfriend Sadaf, who became his wife. At the age of 17, he struck friendship with her online, which developed into a relationship. The couple married in November 12, 2005. Fawad has a son from her called Ayaan Khan. Apart from movies, Fawad has started designer clothing brand, along with his wife called SILK by Fawad Khan.

TV and Movie Career

When he  was 19, Fawad debuted in the funny TV detective series called ‘Jutt and Bond’. He then began working on his music career, with ‘Entity Paradigm’, his band. Fawad got a role in his first movie ‘Khuda Kay Liye’ where he played the role of Sarmad. The movie went on to become one of the biggest blockbusters in Pakistan, including the top grosser of 2007.  There was a time when Fawad was more into music and gave all to his band, but sadly, it had a fall-out.

Fawad went on to do more TV serials that got popular acclaim like Satrangi and Dil Deke Jayen Ge. The 2009 TV serial ‘ Jeevan ki Rahon Mein’ made Fawad a household name. In the same year, he did two telefilms, Kal and Aaj Kuch Na Kaho.  In 2010, Fawad was chosen to act opposite popular actress Sanam Baloch in ‘Dastaan’ a historical TV drama.

In 2011, Fawad Khan worked in ‘Humsafar’ a cult TV serial that secured a 9.75 rating for TV shows, which is the highest ever, in Pakistan. He played the role of Ashar Hussain, a rich man who marries his middle-class cousin.  He went on to win several awards for his role.  Fawad Khan did another well-received TV serial drama called ‘Ashk’.

Fawad Khan became popular outside Pakistan with the popular TV drama ‘Zindagi Gulzar Hai’. His portrayal of Zaroon Junaid was so well appreciated that the show became popular overseas, including India, Europe and the US.  Needless to say, the show swept many awards and  Fawad went on to win many awards with his co-star Sanam Saeed.  He later went on do more drama s like Behadd,  Numm and Armaan,all of which added to his body of praise-worthy  work.

In 2014, Bollywood became his calling with Fawad debuting in Khoobsurat opposite Sonam Kapoor.  The movie went on to do average business but Fawad earned himself a place in Bollywood for his fabulous screen presence and acting skills.

Fawad Khan on his wife Sadaf

Fawad says, “I met my wife when I was 17. I first met her through online chats, we had those noisy, slow dialup modems. She was studying in the girls’ branch of my school, the school itself was known for its pretty girls. We would meet during tuitions and I begin somewhat traditionalist, proposed a week after meeting her.  She got admission in a university and I didn’t.  I think one of the main reasons; I didn’t get college grades were that I spent half of my years in college, going to hers. The watchmen from her college probably thought I was in her college. After college, we got married.”

Fawad adds,  “I have known my wife for so long, she is my lover, my best friend, everything. She is my Rock of Gibraltar and my anchor.  She understands me like no one else.  She would listen to me and understand me, even when things were not in my favor. What makes her attractive is that she is genuine, there is nothing fake about her and she is completely honest. She is not pretentious.  She knows that when she is having a difficult time, I am there for her.  When you love someone, you actually don’t know what you love but I do know I can’t manage my life without her.”

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Fawad Khan’s struggle with diabetes

The 5 feet 10 inch-tall Fawad says, ‘It is an immune disorder, which I got through an accident when I was 17. I got a virus infection, which confused my immune system. The virus attacked my pancreas and stopped its ability to make insulin. I have Diabetes Type 1, which only 1 in 10 people get. One requires taking care, because anything that you eat, can affect one’s blood sugar levels.

 Fawad Khan on Sonam Kapoor

While Fawad’s pairing with Sonam Kapoor has been widely appreciated, he says that they have a struck friendship of permanence. He says, “ I came to India for the first time, while working on Khoobsurat and was wary about being scrutinized here. But Anil Kapoor Sahab, Rhea and Sonam treated me like family. Sonam is written about being arrogant and snooty but I must say that it is a misconception. She is actually very sweet and helpful.  If my sugar was low,  Sonam would look after me herself, even though she could have asked others to take care of me, and give medicines etc.  I was in a foreign environment and it is natural to be conscious but they took care of me lie family.  Incidentally, Sonam Kapoor is also diabetic, she suffers from juvenile diabetes.

Fawad Khan will be paired with Sonam Kapoor again for another movie that is based on the book ‘Battle for Bittora’  written by Anuja Chauhan.

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