Gauhar Khan is Bigg Boss 7 Winner

Gauhar Khan wins Bigg Boss 7. The winner had tears of joy this time, as Salman Khan announced the winner.  It was a closely held contest between her and Tanisha, who is the runner-up.  Ajaz Khan, the entertainer of the house, came third while Sangram Singh got the fourth place.

Sangram Singh was eliminated first, following which Ajaz’s name was called.  Salman held the hands of both Tanisha and Gauhar, before declaring the name of the latter.   Both Gauhar and Tanisha enjoyed huge fan support and both fan-clubs and hate-clubs on the social media were full of comments praising their favorite contestant and belittling the other.

Gauhar Khan winning Bigg boss 7

Tanisha’s strong points in the house, was her cool and calm nature. But her inability to take a stand and being on the receiving end of boyfriend Armaan Kohli’s anger proved to be a detterent. Gauhar won a huge sympathy wave many times for being at the receiving end of Salman’s ire,  particularly directed at her boyfriend Kushal. But among many things that people liked in Gauhar was her ability to take a stand, speak her mind and give her 100 percent to almost all tasks.  In fact, during the middle of the show, Gauhar had even walked out of the house expressing her solidarity towards her boyfriend Kushal, but came back the very next day because it would have amounted to forfeit of her fees. Good that she came back, because now Gauhar Khan has ended up as Bigg Boss 7 winner.

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