Gautam Gulati – Bigg Boss 8 Winner (Karishma takes the second place)

Bigg Boss 8 which went on for four grueling months ended its run on January 31, 2015 with Gautam Gulati as the winner.  The second place has been taken by Karishma Tanna. Pritam Singh one of the favorites of the show, got the third place. The fourth place was won by Ali, while Dimpy Mahajan took the fifth position.

Bigg Boss 8 which started September 21, 2014 went on for more than four months,  becoming the longest running reality show in India and also the most watched show.  Though the show was supposed to end in December of 2014, it was given one more month as an add-on with some veterans from the old seasons included to fight the shortlisted finalists.  These ‘Halla Bol’ challengers were  Ajaz Khan, Sambhavna Seth, Sana Khan, Rahul Mahajan and Mahek Chahal. But by the end of the final week of January 2015, all the challengers were eliminated and the finalists remained.

A notable thing that happened in this season was Salman Khan leaving the show with one month to spare as he had to shoot for ‘Bajrangi Bhaijaan’.  Farah Khan took over the proceedings and did a fairly good job.

The highlights of Bigg Boss 8 season was Upen Patel’s romance with Karishma Tanna even though she had a boyfriend Rushabh  Choksi waiting outside; Gautam Gulati- Diandra Soares romance,  Ajaz Khan’s fight with Ali Quli Mirza, Gautam hitting on Sonali who hit on Upen Patel, Pritam’s arguments with Dimpy Mahajan and the latter’s fight with Sambhavna Seth.

bigg boss 8 finale gautam gulati winner

Bigg Boss 8 in the first few days, took the shoot in a make-shift plane which seemed to frustrate the contestants. By the next few 15 days,  people were put up in the beautiful house that the show is always known for.

A point to note was that in the very first task, Karishma Tanna said that she wanted Gautam Gulati out of the house, as he had insulted her by using abusive language. The entire set of contestants were against Gautam, who stood to his guns. As the episodes progressed,  many people began to support Gautam and he went on to win Bigg Boss, followed by Karishma as the runner-up.

gautam gulati  bigg boss 8 winner

Do you think, Gautam Gulati winning Bigg Boss 8 was fair? Or would Pritam or Karishma deserve the title more?

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