Gunday Dialogues and One-Liners

Gunday has stormed the box-office and is the first big hit of 2014, in terms of profitability.  Among the many things that made this movie a favorite for many, the dialogues of Gunday have created an impact. Here are some of the memorable ones.

Agar Jigar Ki Jagah Jigar Hai, Aur Jigar Main Dum… Toh Rokle Aake.
(If you have the guts to match our guts and if you have fire in your belly, try and stop us)

Kabhi us Bangali pe vishwas math karo, jisko football khelne nahin aata ho
(Do not trust the Bengali who does notplay football)

Yeh tevar hamare khoon mein hai … tere bhokane se kuch nahi hoga
(This attitude is in our blood, your barking won’t put a lid on it)

Ho Aap Wardi Bale, Par Aapke Tebar Hai Gundo Baale. Is Khel Main Maza Ayega.
(You are a man in the uniform but your attitude and style is that of a rowdy. It will be fun to play with you)

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Aaj Jo Koile Se Bhari Iss Train Ko Le Ki Nikal Gaya… Train Bi Uski Aur Koile Ka YEh Dhanda Bi Uska..
(The one who is able to take this goods train filled with coal, will end up owning the train as well as the coal business)

Jis Deewar Par Likha Hai Yaahn Mutna Mana Hai, Wohin Log Sabse Jyada Mut Te Hain.
(The wall on which it is written, ‘do not urinate’, gets maximum people relieving)

Yeh Waqt Aisa Tha Jab Calcutta Do Hin Chizo Ke Liye Jana Jata Tha. Pehla Howrah Bridge Aur Disra Bikram Aur Bala.
( This dates back to the time when Kolkata was known for two things – Howrah Bridge and Bikram-Bala)

Ishq Ka Rang Laal Hota Hai.. Aur Khoon Ka Bhi.
(The color of love is red, and the color of blood is the same)

Newton Baba Ka k Law Hai Ki, Har Action Ka Ek Equal And Opposite Reaction Hota Hai. Isilie Ab Joh Bhi Hoga Apne Aap Hoga.
(Sir Newton’s law says Every actio has an equal and opposite reaction. So, what will happen now, will happen by itself)

Chot Khaya Dost, Dushman Se Jyada Khatarnak Hota Hai.
(The friend who is hurt can be dangerous than an enemy)

Pistol ki goli aur laundiya ki boli jab chalti hai … toh jaan dono mein hi khatre mein hoti hai
(The bullet from the gun and the word from the girl, can be perilious to life)

Yeh tasveer shuru zaroor usne ki hai … lekin ismein aakhri rang main bharoonga
(He may have created this picture but the last stroke of color, will be mine)

Lakeerein bahut ajeeb hoti hai … khaal pe khich jaye toh khoon nikaal deti hai … aur zameen pe khich jaye toh sarhadein bana deti hai
( Lines can be weird, if they are on your cheeks, they can draw blood, if they are on the territory, they can create boundaries)

Hum gunday hai … na aaj tak kisi ke haath aaye hai … aur na aayenge
(We are goons,  we haven’t been caught ever and we will never be caught)

Hum Gunday Hain Madam. Ek Baar Kisi Ke Saath Ji Liye, Toh Marte Bhi Usi Ke Saath Hain.
(We are goons,madam. Once we live with someone, we die also with them)

Agar Bangali bankar paida hua toh football zaroor sikhna
(If you do manage to be born again as a  Bengali, remember to play football)

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