Has Anushka Sharma Done Plastic Surgery?

There is a whale of difference in the appearance of Anushka Sharma in the latest Koffee with Karan episode and the one she appeared years after her release ‘Band Baaja Baarat’.  Has she entered in the list of Bollywood actresses with plastic surgery gone wrong?

While Anushka  Sharma’s lip job was quite apparent, the actress  denied all allegations of plastic surgery.  She said to India Today,  “I am not a fool that I will go and get my face changed in the mid of my career. I would have done it from the first film had I have wanted to do so.”

Well, one can only say that Anushka Sharma’s appearance has undergone a dramatic change, the lips are quite prominent and her nose does not look the same. What do you think has she done plastic surgery or are these just mere rumors?


Anushka Sharma -plastic surgery pictures


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Anushka Sharma plastic surgery lip job

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