Has Preity Zinta done plastic surgery?

Has Preity Zinta done plastic surgery? Though the actress who has faced her share of success and controversies prefers to keep mum on this question, many plastic surgeons point to the obvious.  A renowned cosmetologist says, ” Look at the shape of her face in the early stage of her career and now, you can see she used to have a circular face. Now it is oval. One must say that the face has changed for the better”

Preity Zinta’s nose job is quite evident, initially her nose was on the wider side and had a big tip. Post surgery, the nose has become well defined and looks narrow with a little tip.  Though she may be past her prime for a college girl’s role in Bollywood, Preity Zinta continues to look stunning.

Another thing to note is that she may have also gone for eyelid surgeries. The upper and lower eye-lids look more opened compared to her previous self.

If you remember Tusshar Kapoor had said that Preity Zinta was a fine example of botox at Koffee with Karan show, something which didn’t go down well with the actress.

preity zinta plastic surgery before after preity zinta plastic surgery pictures before after


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