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Hate Story 2 is the second in the stock of women-centric movies produced by Vikram Bhatt.  The movie directed by Vishal Pandya is a revenge saga of a woman wronged and scorned.  While the plot of the movie is nothing great, the treatment is quite noteworthy, especially in some parts.

Story of Hate Story 2

Sonika (Surveen Chawla) is the mistress of a ruthless powerful politician  Mandar(Sushant Singh).  Since her grand-mother is tended after by him, she has no choice but to oblige.  Sonika falls in love with Akshay(Jay Bhanushali),  though she warns him not to take their relationship ahead,   Akshay remains steadfast about his commitment for her.  They decide to take off to Goa, after from Mumbai.  But the vile Mandar gets a whiff of  the liaison and catches the couple in the Goa. His men kill Akshay in front of Sonika’s eyes and then throw her into a coffin to die.

Sonika is rescued by an old man and she is taken to the hospital.  Though she is besieged by health problems, she manages to escape and seeks nothing but revenge against Mandar and his men.

surveen chawla hate story 2

 Plus points of Hate Story  2

The movie is quite racy from the first scene; director Vishal Pandya ensures that the narrative has a tight grip on the audience. Sure, there are faults galore but the editing is slick enough for the audience to remain rooted to know how Sonika escapes and hatches her plan.  The screenplay is also good enough with the past and present scenes blending well. The performance by the lead actress and the villain are a huge plus to the film.

Minus points of Hate Story 2

There are several weak points in the film, Hate Story 2 would have been slick if it had carried the same momentum till it reached the last scene, but alas! the film nosedives in the second half. Here are some problems with the film

  1. Cracks in the protagonist’s characterization –  Sonika is showing suffering from shaky hands and getting constant fits as symptoms of her condition.  But as the film progresses, she acts like a perfectly healthy, trigger-happy woman, and that too without any medication.
  2. Irritating item number – A Sunny Leone item number pops up from nowhere in the second-half.  The song ‘Pink lips’ is grating to the nerves, as well.
  3. When Sonika’s boyfriend is drowning in the waters, she begs Mandar’s henchmen to save him. But in reality, the first instinct of a person panicking for the loved one, would be to actually run to the waters in a frantic attempt to save him.  The behavior of Sonika didn’t seem all that realistic.  Later, she is shown to be swimming as well.
  4. The steamy quotient is very less, much lesser than what you see in a typical Mahesh Bhatt film these days.   So in a way, the audience can expected to be cheated if they were expecting too much skin.  What you saw on the trailer is what you get.
  5. Possibly the most glaring of the blunders in Hate Story 2, is the constant resurfacing of Jay Bhanushali’s ghost in the penultimate moments of the film,  these appearances and a needless song really pull the flow of the film down and the audience reacts by sniggering and mocking at the film.
  6. Jay Bhanushali’s bad acting, especially his dialogue delivery
  7.  Bad music considering it was funded by T-series 

Best scenes of Hate Story 2

  1. The opening scene when an old man rescues Surveen Chawla
  2.  When Mandar’s men kill Bhanushali and the funny dialogue –  Mujhe shauk nahin hain Mard ka Bachcha banney mein, main yahin teek hoon.
  3.  The interesting twist involving Rajesh Khera’s character
  4.  The scene when  Surveen kills Mandar’s guys in a room stocked with LPG cylinders.


Surveen Chawla is no sex-goddess like  Paoli Dam from Hate Story 1, but  Surveen proves to be one powerful actress, she is fantastic and performs like a veteran.  Surveen is exceptionally brilliant in the scene where she gets seizure (fits) and in ‘revenge’ ridden scenes, including the climax.

Sushant Singh is superb in his role as Mandar, any other lesser actor would have not done justice to the film. He makes you hate him in Hate Story 2 – mission achieved!

Jay Bhanushali  leaves a lot to be desired. In fact, you can say good riddance for his character ending abruptly. He needs to work on his voice, particularly.


Hate Story 2 has several issues in the film, you may even hate the story for being clichéd! The treatment is good enough; you can consider this as a one-time watch.

Critics Rating- *** (Average)

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