How did Kangana Ranaut work on her Krrish 3 Look?

Kangana Ranaut is having the last laugh, with lots of accolades coming her way for her look and role in Krrish 3.  Though the role was initially offered to her, she had declined it because of date issues. The role then went to Chitrangada Singh who backed out, after which it landed in Jacqueline D’Souza’s lap. When the latter backed out citing date issues,  the Roshans approached Kangana again and asked her to consider the role. They said that the would be flexible with her timings but she had to get the look right.
Kangana Ranaut Krrish 3

The body suit that Kangana wears in Krrish 3 has been designed by Gavin Miguel. It is an all-rubber latex body suit which is not exactly the most comfortable thing to wear. It took more than half a month and more than 25 sketches to come up with the look that would fascinate the audiences.  Gavin worked with Rakesh Roshan closely and they finally came up with the design that would suit Kangana’s athletic body to the T.

Kangana Ranaut wallpaper Krrish 3

Though Kangana is naturally slim, she had to still shed 4 kilos of weight to make the suit look like her second skin. Plus she went through many oiling sessions to ensure that the bodysuit allowed her even flexibility in movement.  Designer Kevin added, “Latex is quite tough a costume to wear and wearing for long hours can be quite stressful and exasperating. Kangana however did not complain and instead would focus on getting the look right.  Coming so early for shoots, waiting patiently for the costume to be ready for a good 2 hours and shooting under such terrible weather conditions is not easy. Hats off to Kangana, only she could have endured this.”

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