Hrithik Roshan’s sons are delighted with Bang Bang!

Hrithik Roshan is a hands-on father who dotes on his sons, Hrehaan (8) and Hridhaan (6). While Hridhaan was born in 2006, Hridhaan was born two years later.  Despite Hrithik’s personal crisis and divorce with wife Sussanne, not to mention his busy schedule, Hrithik makes it a point to be with his children, as much as possible. He has strived to give them as much normal childhood as possible, taking them to outings and amusement parks.  When he turned 40 recently, Hrithik took his two sons on a speedboat ride to Gateway of India, far from the maddening crowds.

hrithik roshan hrehaan hridhaan hrithik roshan hrehaan susanne khan sons Hrithik Roshan Hridhaan Hrehaan sons

hrithik roshan sons Hrehaan Hridhaan

Hrithik says, “ I personally built a fairy-tale for my children, which I narrate to them when they go to sleep. It is on a character known as Blue Light Kid. He is as old as my children.  I talk about all the things  in the fairy-tale character, that my sons go through.  For instance, my son came last in a race, so I created a chapter about how Blue Light Kid came last in a race. He was in his room, when a Blue Light appeared and spoke to him.  He said that he came last in the race, because he didn’t work hard enough. So, he works really hard for the next race, and he again comes last. He gets angry and tells Blue Light, “I worked hard and I am last, again.”  Blue Light says, “As I said, you didn’t work hard enough.”

Hrithik adds,” I build on these chapters and talk to them about losing toys and stuff. I tell them that you will get excited about your toys and at some point; you will lose interest in many of them. I talk about these things; hopefully I can compile and release it as a real life fairy tale called ‘Blue Light Kid’.  Fairy tales are a world of fantasy; none of us live in such a world.”

Incidentally, Hrehaan means ‘God’s chosen one’ and ‘Hridhaan’ means ‘Great Heart’.

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