Humshakals Jokes!

The review on Humshakals has been unanimous – it is disappointing. But the social media has gone beserk slamming the movie and its team for the torturous treatment, it meted out to the audience. Here are the real Humshakals jokes

A single Sajid khan says women reduce your productivity. I wish him marriage soon. At least he will stop making films then.

From being considered one of Indian cinema’s intelligent actors to now being laughed at. Dear Saif Ali Khan, what are u smoking?

Once when you saw Saif Ali Khan, you’d say ‘ Dil Chahta Hai’. Now with Humshakals, you want to say ‘pill chahta hain’

I feel Sajid Khan makes movies to trend on Twitter

Shirish Kunder should now live up to the challenge and break Sajid Khan’s record.

humshakals funny picture

Till 2006, we thought Sajid Khan was hilarious on TV – then he became a Director, and we all realised it had been Suresh Menon all along!

Govt will soon announce helpline numbers for those who have been hit by the Humshakals in theatres.

I think Sajid Khan movies should be shown before Mukesh’s cancer adverstisement. It’s slightly more dangerous to human health.

RGV’s AAG seems Mugal-E-Aazam in front of Hamshakals

Public verdict after watching Himmatwala : “This is the worst film we have ever seen.” Sajid Khan : Challenge Accepted. *Makes #Humshakals

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