Humshakals Movie Review – The Super Flop of 2014

Just when you thought that Sajid Khan cannot get any worse, he surprises you with ‘Humshakals’.   This is a plot-less, pointless film, taxing to the brain and an insult to your time.  Saif Ali Khan is another sore point of the film, the usually consistent actor is a huge letdown in this film.

Story of Humshakals

Ashok (Saif Ali Khan) a successful businessman with an inclination to do bad stand-up comedy and his good friend Kumar (Riteish Deshmukh) are preyed upon by the evil uncle (Ram Kapoor) who wants to take over the former’s business. To do this, he entrusts the job to his doctor friend who injects MAD (Mind Altering Drug) which makes the two turn into dogs.

The two, Ashok and Kumar, are hushed into a mental asylum. By the time, the two come to realize that they are being framed by their uncle, their humshakals (identical brothers from another mother, if you will)  who are actually mentally challenged and put in another cell of the asylum, escape and reach Asho and Kumar’s mansion. The evil uncle uses the ‘Humshakals’ to his advantage. But the real Ashok and Kumar sees through the scheming uncle and find another Humshakal of this very uncle and use him as their bait to get even.  Feeling aimless, already? Well, there is another set of Humshakals, one for Ashok and Kumar and the other for the uncle, who come in the penultimate moments to add to the confusion.

humshakals review

Plus points of Humshakals

Riteish Deshmukh.

Minus points of Humshakals

The bad script puts the movie in a very shaky terrain, to begin with.  The dialogues are lousy, repetitive and boring. Sajid’s take-on various actors and mimicry  has now gone staid. Too much ‘paagalpan’ and the mental asylum sequences does cause mental torture to the viewer.  The lesser said about the actresses, the better.  Their roles are even shorter than their clothes.  To top it all, the performances are bad with Saif Ali Khan ruling the roost.

 Interesting sequences

A couple of sequences are genuinely funny,  one being the board-meeting scene where Riteish undergone canine transformation, and the other one where the Humshakals go missing during another board-meeting.

Performances in the film

The actresses have very less screen-space, they just flash their pearlies and legs in the film, and that too in the interfering songs.  Satish Shah is awful,  Darshan Zariwala is okay and Nawwab Shah is passable.  Chunkey Pandey is wasted in the film.  Ram Kapoor does a fine job in the film and he goes over the top to  the best of his ability. Saif Ali Khan should count this film as one of his worst performances, till date. The actor who has been remarkably consistent and even brilliant in many films like Omkara, Race and  Hum Tum, is a sheer disappointment in this film. One gets a feeling that he was not comfortable doing this role.  The movie belongs to the  Sajid Khan regular-  Riteish Deshmukh, he is effortless and does his best to save the sinking ship.


This is truly the super-flop of 2014. Sajid Khan is truly a Himmatwala to make a movie like ‘Humshakals’ and expect it to go ‘Housefull’. Avoid it or take Crocin with you.

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