Ileana D’Cruz – My Boyfriend has a part in Happy Ending

Ileana D’Cruz is dating boyfriend Andrew Kneebone but she would like to call herself ‘single’ till she is married. The stunning actress says that she has always been attracted to older men.  She says, “Yeah,I tend to connected with men who are a bit older. Probably, it is because of the profession, I am in. We mature faster in our profession and are exposed to a lot of things at a younger age. The age gap between my parents is 12 years and the age gap between my sister and her hubby is ten.  Age shouldn’t really matter, when you fall in love.

Ileana D’Cruz has views similar to Kangana Ranaut, Nargis Fakhri and Jacqueline Fernandez, when it comes to marriage. She says, “I am actually skeptical about marriage. I can see myself living with someone, but cannot imagine myself getting married. I don’t see it happening as of now. But you never know, I for one, cannot put it down on paper. I have seen some marriages work and some not.  I am happy with a live-in relationship too.  I don’t need a ring on my finger to seal a bond with a man. What’s wrong with that? It is your life and you are living it like the way you want, you are not stepping on someone’s toes.  However, she says that her boyfriend has a role in ‘Happy Ending’. She says, “Well, Andrew has a bit of a role in the film,but it just happened for a lark.”

Ileana D’Cruz with boyfriend Andrew Kneebone (pictures)

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