Is Karishma Tanna holding a mobile phone in the Bigg Boss House?

One of the pictures that has gone viral in social media is the picture of Karishma Tanna holding a mobile phone in her hand. She is talking to Gautam holding something behind in her hand; we also see a charger connected in the room. Now there is a possibility that what she may be holding is a cigarette holder and the charger could be the one for their mike or electric shaver, or a cord of the hair-dryer.

karishma tanna mobile phone bigg boss 8

It is an all-important rule in the Bigg Boss house that contestants should only carry their clothes and a few miscellaneous things – gadgets are definitely a no-no.  Every bag that goes in the house is thoroughly checked  and with cameras all around the house, with the exception of the bathroom, it is strictly not allowed to bring in a gadget into the house. It is a practice followed in the Celebrity Bigg Brother versions in UK and elsewhere in Europe.  KRK, one of the contestants of Bigg Boss (Season 3) defiantly proclaimed that he went to the house with a mobile phone and ten charged batteries.

Well, if it really turns out to be a phone, this does call for disqualification for Miss. Tanna but if it is not, then it is something that we can let go. What do you think?  Nevertheless the picture of Karishma Tanna holding what seems like a mobile phone in the Bigg Boss House certainly has gone viral.

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