Jacqueline Fernandez – Diet Plans and Workout Regime

Jacqueline Fernandez values fitness and says that being fit is a reflection of being happy.    She says, “I am normally healthy but I tend to look big on screen. So to get the ultra-slim look, I starved for days. I have gone through many types of diets, including Atkins.  I would change my diet frequently which would take a toll. But now I have realized one simple thing – what you eat, you should burn.

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She says, ‘To look good in a bikini for the Miss Sri Lanka Universe, I would gym because a sculpted look gets extra marks. I found gym really boring. I have finally found my fix in Yoga.  I have a personal yoga instructor and I do yoga everyday for one hour, five days a week.  It relaxes me and I look forward to it. I doesn’t tire me. “

Jacqueline also does swimming, gymnastic and capoeria. She likes to jog when she gets  the time to do so.  Her legs are among her best assets and she works hard on them with regards to yoga, jogging and swimming. Jacqueline Fernandez likes to pay special importance to leg workouts. Even the texture of the skin on legs is silky smooth,which means she takes extra care to moisturize them and exfoliate the skin regularly.

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Jacqueline says, “You tend to look fuller in the camera than you really are.  When you eat out,  the salt leads to water retention and it is picked up by the camera.”

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Jacqueline starts her day with water, lemon and honey. She says that her breakfast is incomplete without fruits.  She says, “Yes, they have good sugars and carbs. I also have scrambled eggs or boiled eggs for breakfast.  My lunch is light with brown rice, lentils and salad. Dinner is fish and grilled vegetables.  I have protein in the night for the body to repair the wear and tear. “

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