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Kamya Punjabi (age 34), one of the finalists in Bigg Boss 7, claims that she had divorced her husband Bunty Negi, before coming to the show.  Her personal life has been quite turbulent and often in the show, she said that she wanted to meet her daughter Aara.

Kamya had married her husband Bunty Negi in 2003 and three years, later, their relationship was in a lurch. There were reports of Kamya Punjabi having an affair with a married man, Nirmal Bali, who is Sanjay Dutt’s cousin brother.  In 2006, it was said that the actress and  her boyfriend were movingin together. But Kamya Punjabi denied that she had cheated on her husband, or had an affair behind his back. She said,”Bunty would spread news that I was having an affair with Nirmai. But the truth is I broke up with Bunty in August and Nirmai and I entered into a relationship only in October.”

Kamya continued, “Bunty was over-possessive and violent. He would abuse me physically, he did not want me to work in the entertainment industry. “ Kamya said that she did not care about the fact that Nirmai was married and had a five year old daughter. She said, “ So what if he is married. So what if he has a daughter? It could be an older man or a married man, you cannot chose who you will fall in love with.”

But things didn’t work out between Kamya and Nirmai,  and they would always get into showdowns with each other. Both would get into fights and the shoots for the serial ‘Woh Rehne Wali Mehlon Ki’ which had both working together, was affected. Sources said that two would not just stop arguing. A source from the production house said, “The fights between the two were so much that even the other actors and crew were not able to work properly. So, the production house decided to give marching order to Nirmai and replaced him with Sanjiv Seth.” It was believed that Nirmai’s wife Sahila Chaddha did not really appreciate her husband working with Kamya.  Nirmai went back to his wife.

Kamya, on the other hand, renewed her relationship with Bunty Negi in 2009, and the marriage went fine. They even had a daughter  Aara, who is the apple of Kamya’s eye.  But at the Bigg Boss house, Kamya confessed that she had divorced her husband, before coming to the show, though she did hint that she still loves him.

Kamya Punjabi – Husband and Daughter (Pictures)

Kamya  Punjabi husband Bunty Negi

  Kamya Punjabi daughter

Kamya Punjabi husband daughter

Kamya Punjabi hot picture

Kamya Punjabi hot pics (1)

Kamya Punjabi hot photos

Kamya Punjabi boyfriend Nirmai


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