Kangana Ranaut – Affairs, Boyfriends and her views on Marriage

Kangana Ranaut is now the Queen of the box-office, her professional life is doing good and the actress has steered clear of men, considering she has not been so lucky with her romantic relationships. Here are the past boyfriends of Kangana Ranaut

Kangana Ranaut Aditya Pancholi

Aditya Pancholi – Kangana Ranaut was a newbie in the industry when she met actor Aditya Pancholi, who was more than 20 years older to her. Despite the age-gap, the much married man with two children fell in love with Kangana.  Though things seemed pleasant and hunky-dory in the beginning, the relationship turned sour with allegations of Aditya physically abusing Kangana coming out in the forefront. There was news of him dragging Kangana out of an auto-rickshaw, in Mumbai. Apparently, sources said that a besotted Aditya had done a lot for Kangana including paying her sister’s hospital bills, after she fell victim  to acid attack and even bought her a house. Following the breakup, Kangana announced that she was not in talking terms with Aditya anymore.  Aditya went on to claim that they  lived life  like a husband and wife would do.

Kangana Ranaut Adhyayan Suman

 Adhyayan Suman –  The two bonded over movies and video games on the sets of Raaz 2 and similar choices made them come closer with love beginning to  take shape.  Out of the blue, the two called the relationship quits.  Apparently, it came out that Adhyayan Suman had called off the relationship under pressure from her dad Shekhar Suman, who did not want his son to marry a film actress. Adhyayan who was still finding his footing in Bollywood (he still does) blamed the relationship going kaput on the hassles of maintaining a long-distance relationship. Kangana admitted that she was shocked with  Adhyayan’s decision and wished him all the best.

Kangana Ranaut Ajay Devgan affair

Ajay Devgn– The media was abuzz with the casual fling between Ajay Devgn and Kangana Ranaut on the sets of Once Upon a Time in Mumbai.  Sources say that Kangana was cast in films like Tezz and Rascals on Ajay’s insistence.  We can very well note a pattern here, usually Kangana choice in films tends to be author-backed right from Gangster to Queen, on her own accord, she had taken roles that require her to give her best. But movies like Tezz and Rascals were quite casual and not becoming of an actress of her talent. Indeed, the casual nature of the relatoinship reflected on her work too.  Reports say that the casual affair took an emotional turn for Kangana, and Ajay was in no mood to leave his wife Kajol. Sensing that Kangana was demanding more from him, Ajay reportedly maintained his distance. Kangana was also dropped from the promotions for the movie Rascals.  A usually forthright Kangana even went on to say that getting involved with a married man was a mistake.

Kangana Ranaut boyfriend Nicholas Lefferty
Nicholas Lefferty – Kangana Ranaut was in a long-distance relationship with the UK based scientist Nicholas Lafferty. She confirmed the relationship and said that he was indeed a very sweet and intelligent person. But surprisingly, even this relationship ended and Kangana blamed it on the long-distant nature of the relationship.

 Kangana Ranaut on marriage

The ‘Queen’ has her priorities clear now.  Kangana says, “ I have no plans for marriage and I like to be alone. There are other things in my life which are my priorities. Marriage is about companionship and commitment but I have no plans.” She adds, “As a person also I don’t need anybody’s company and I have worked a lot to be on my own. I enjoy my company a lot. I like cooking, dancing and people who can live in their own company are blessed.”

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