Karan Singh Grover – Body Building Tips and Diet Plan

As the girls keep drooling at the body of Karan Singh Grover in ‘Alone’,  the actor attributes his well-chiseled  physique to disciplined diet and exercising.

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Karan Singh Grover – Diet

In the morning, he has ten egg whites or oats with a protein shake.  The lunch consists of 10 egg whites or a couple of chicken breasts, with some green veggies and brown rice with pulses (daal). He has another glass of protein juice by 4 PM and at 6PM, he has an additional 10 egg whites or chicken or fish. The dinner is light, with chicken or fish. At night, he  has a glass of protein shake.

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Karan Singh Grover  – Workout and Exercise Regime

A complete gym freak,  Karan Singh Grover repeats his exercise pattern over a period of 3 days. For Day 1, it is chest and anterior deltoid, for Day 2, he works on legs and does Calisthenics (movements without gym equipment) and on day 3 he works on his biceps, back and posterior deltoid.

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karan singh grover body images

karan singh grover body photos

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Karan Singh Grover says that he started building his body since he was 23 but stepped up the tempo in the past year.  He looks at exercise as his way of meditation. He says, “Every person has a different body time, so it is better to find what food should be eaten and in what proportions.  I like to work more on my days off.”  The actors works out six days a week.

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