Kareena Kapoor – Diet Plan, Beauty Secrets, Workout Routine

Being a true Punjabi girl,  Kareena Kapoor is a big time foodie and though her weight shifts from voluptuous to slim, she has never gone too fat or too thin (apart from Tashan, where had to slim down a lot for the role.

Kareena Kapoor eating ice-cream Kareena Kapoor diet

The talented actress personally revels in the curvy look which is her husband Saif Ali Khan’s favorite and even the audience also loves to see her in the voluptuous avatar. But Kareena believes in adding weight at the right places and slimming down in the wrong ones.  She says, “I am slim with my curves at the right places. I do not believe in looking fat or plump.”

Kareena says, “Being fat is not sexy. Voluptuous is hot, but fat it not.  Every girl’s dream is to be just that, and any woman who says otherwise is talking crap.”

Her male co-stars have commented that Kareena can out-eat them with the way she attacks her rotis, aloo-sabjis, pizzas and ice-creams.  But still she manages to be enviously in shape.  Kareena adds what her dietician Rujuta Diwekar says, “A great diet and the right exercise do the trick.  Rujuta tells me to eat everything in moderation, and every two hours.  She changes my diet regularly so that I do not get bored.  Sometimes, I have just pita bread with hummus, olives and strawberries, at other times; I enjoy daal-rice and vegetables.”

Kareena Kapoor yoga workout

Kareena inspired many women to take up yoga in a big manner. She says, “I can do 50 surya namaskar and 40 minutes of asanas.” She does not believe in no-carb diets, which some celebrities advocate.  She says, ‘That is crash dieting. How long can you go on without carbs? Someday, you have to eat rice and potatoes.”

Kareena Kapoor yoga pose

Diet Plan

Kareena credits her ex-boyfriend for putting her on a vegetarian diet, something she believes, has transformed her skin for better.  Here is her typical diet

Breakfast-  Aloo Parathas  or upma (without oil), idlis or muesli.  At other times, she has brown bread toast.

Lunch – daal, roti/rice and vegetables.

Dinner – Daal, roti/brown rice with vegetables.

All her meals have generous amounts of salads and fresh fruit juices.  Kareena drinks 8 glasses of boiled water every day.

Kareena Kapoor sucking Magnum Ice cream

The actress has a weakness for ice-creams and desserts. Kareena Kapoor has gone on record to say that Magnum Pleasure Ice-cream is her absolute favorite.  But the actress ensures that she burns down calories with her disciplined workout regime.

Kareena Kapoor exercising Kareena Kapoor workout

Beauty Secrets

The actress, surprisingly, does not believe in facials.  She avoids chemicals on her face and likes to wear minimal makeup.  She uses Lakme Absolute products; she endorses the products and believes in their quality and usability.  She likes to apply pink lip stick.

Bebo loves to go for head massages regularly. She treats her hair with care, and oils it with a mixture of coconut oil, olive, castor and almond oil.

Kareena Kapoor without makeup photos

These are pictures with the actress wearing no or minimal makeup

Kareena Kapoor no makeup picturesKareena Kapoor without makeup (2) Kareena Kapoor without makeup images Kareena Kapoor without makeup photo Kareena Kapoor without makeup

Here are more pictures that indicate how Kareena Kapoor looks without makeup.

The transformation, post makeup

Kareena Kapoor hot photo makeup Kareena Kapoor hot pictures (1) Kareena Kapoor with makeup

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