Kareena Kapoor launches Magnum Pleasure Ice-Cream

Kareena Kapoor raised the heat by sucking on the pleasurable ice-cream  Magnum, one of the world’s biggest brand brands, which has started its business in India, this year. The ice-cream on a stick is made from high quality Belgian chocolate. Magnum which is known to be pure pleasure from the moment, you taste it, has been Unilever’s biggest brand globally.

Kareena Kapoor Magnum ice-cream launch Kareena Kapoor magnum pleasure ice-cream (2)

Kareena Kapoor who launched Magnum Pleasure Ice-Cream on February 15,  said that she had always been a huge fan of the ice-cream. She also remarked that there has no been greater pleasure in life compared to the taste of eating Magnum Pleasure.  She said that she has always made it a point to enjoy her fill of Magnum Pleasure ice-cream whenever she was overseas.  She said that since she was 16, she has been a fan of the brand, and it was imperative for her to treat herself to Magnum classic.Kareena Kapoor eating ice-cream Kareena Kapoor sucking ice-cream magnum pleasure

Magnum Pleasure releases on March 1, and will be available in three delicious flavors – Chocolate Truffle, Almond and Classic in Mumbai, Hyderabad and Bangalore. The price is Rs. 85 per bar.  Kareena Kapoor herself was looking divalicious, with a shining, sequined dress, high heels, orange nails, brown curles on her hair with a smoldering brown lip-gloss.

Kareena Kapoor magnum pleasure ice-cream kareena kapoor magnum pleasure choco ice-cream kareena kapoor eating ice-cream 3


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