Katrina Kaif – Diet Plan and Workout Routine

One of the most beautiful girls in the world, Katrina Kaif has an enviable body. She makes it to the list of the Bollywood actresses with the best figure. So what are her diet and workout secrets?

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Katrina Kaif’s workout routine for Dhoom 3

Anyone who has seen the ‘Kamli song’ in Dhoom 3 can vouch for the amount of hard-work, the woman must have put in. Though she always had a great body, she went notches up with a body that was toned, defined and sexy with a capital S.

Katrina Kaif workout Dhoom 3

Katrina Kaif impresses her with her flexible dancing moves, but her trainer Yasmin Karachiwala says that she is not naturally flexible, she has worked hard to reach where she is.  She prepared her for Dhoom 3 with strength training and cardiovascular workout sessions.  Then Katrina went on to functional, powerplate, kettlebells,  TRX and Pilates.

Yasmin says, “Katrina would come for a mid-morning workout and again come for cardio in the evening. She is extremely focused about what she wants to do and likes to look the role she’s playing.  I told her to look at fitness as a concept rather than just exercising. “

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The trainer says that Katrina would be fatigued with the strenuous workout but she would never give up and was bang-on time for the session, the next day, even if the body had not recovered from the previous workout.  Yasmin says, “If you find the exercise easy, it is not good enough for you.”

Katrina being such a big movie star does not throw tantrums and is a lovely person by nature says her trainer “Even if she has a bad day, she keeps it to herself.”

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Yasmin says that during the workouts, Katrina had to work on hoops, silks and ropes. She even got huge bruises on her legs, while shooting for the songs but would go on, giving her best shot.

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Yasmin says, “For the Dhoom 3 look and especially during the Kamli song, she had to show off her torso, so we worked on her abs with Pilates. She had to work on every part of the body and concentrate more on the upper body, which meant doing more of pull-ups and push-ups, which are not easy for females. For the legs, Katrina had to do squats, lunges and plyometrics.

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Katrina Kaif’s typical diet consists of oats for the breakfast, fruits in the mid-morning, fish and vegetables and brown bread for lunch, sandwich in the evening and egg-whites, fish, chappatis, grilled veggies  and soup for the dinner.

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The beautiful actress starts her day drinking four glasses of warm water on an empty stomach to get the toxins away from her system. She drinks green tea generously.  She also takes food supplements like wheatgrass power and Acai Berry.

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