Kick Movie Review – Salman Khan scores a winning goal at the Box Office

Salman Khan in and as ‘Devil’ in ‘Kick’ and the writing is clear on the wall – it is a walk-away blockbuster!   While Salman Khan prevails throughout the film, this time, the supporting cast is well utilized by debut director Sajid Nadiadwala.  Here is more information on the money-spinner.

 Story of  Kick

Shaina(Jacqueline Fernandez), a psychiatrist is supposed to wed Himanshu (Randeep Hooda), an Indian police inspector.  In the train, Shaina tells him the story of her ex-boyfriend named Devil (Salman Khan) to him. Through the flashback, we come to know that the Samaritan Devil among many good things, had also helped Shain’s pal (Sumona Chakravarty) in getting married, since her mother was against the marriage. Though Shaina didn’t really like Devil’s care-free ‘kick’ approach to life, she began to fall for him, eventually. The problem with Devil was that he could not stay put on one job.  Finally, Shaina tired of Devil’s irksome ways, decide to call the relationship quits.

Himanshu, in spite of being a proud recipient of numerous medals for his service, is still smarting with the anguish of not being able to catch a sly thief with a mask, who makes a loot targeting big banks and billionaires, in true-blue Robinhood style.  Will Himanshu will be able to catch Devil and bring him to book?

Plus points of Kick

Kick had loads of attitude thrown in with witty punch-lines from the ever-reliable Rajat Arora, the writer who has also written dialogues for movies like Once Upon a Time in Mumbaai and Dirty Picture.  The dialogues rule the roost and the action kicks in, with style and panache that are sure to drawn in the ceetees.  And there is Salman Khan who overrides the faults of the film with his care-free attitude.  Kick undoes the mistakes that Jai Ho did.  Though Jai Ho was a bad movie, it was not what Salman Khan’s fans wanted. They wanted their favorite star to just be full of mirth and still deliver a monstrous punch.  Kick has typical Salman Khan humor,  over-the-top scenes and 100% dhamaal entertainment. And how can we forget Salman taking his bicycle along the railway track, with his definitive swagger as a train rushes in, barely fraction of seconds, later.

nargis fakhri kick song

.Jumme Ki Raat, Hangover by Himmesh Reshammiya and Devil Song (Honey Singh and Jasmine Sandlas) are already chart-busters but their  presentation on the big screen is no short of a visual spectacle

Minus points

Authenticity in the film goes for a ‘kick’.  There is no systematic or logical approach to how the police should catch the thief.  The climax is good but the twist before that is fallacious.

kick salman khan train scene

Performances in Kick

Salman Khan is supported by an ensemble supportive cast of brilliant actors.  Nawazuddin Siddiqui scene with Salman Khan, takes the cake, among interaction sequences.  He has his memorable moments and so does another superb actor Randeep Hooda.  His role as a no-nonsense cop is commendable.  Sanjay Mishra and Saurabh Shukla bring in doses of humor, effortlessly.

Jacqueline Fernandez adds her beautiful screen presence and her chemistry with Salman Khan is quite heartwarming. Plus, the girl can act unlike some other girls who were reduced to glam-dolls in front of SK.

Kick wouldn’t have delivered the box-office goal without Salman Khan, the actor looks handsome as ever and performs effortlessly.  He brings in the attitude to the action, the romance to the songs and the punch to the dialogues.  Truly, a super-star stamp from Salman Khan, makes Kick a box-office blockbuster.


Kick scores a winning goal at the box office. By the way, “yeh picture dil mein aata hain, samaj main nahin’. Salmaniacs, get ready to enjoy pure uninhibited Salmania!

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