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Nargis Fakhri looks a decade younger than her age, 35. Born on October 22, 1979, this beautiful actress  famous for her pout, attitude and style sense has made quite a splash in Bollywood. She was born in Queens, New York.  Her mother is Czech while her father is from Pakistani.  Nargis  also makes it to the list of the top 10 Bollywood actresses with the best body.

Nargis Fakhri, whose height is 5 feet 9 inches, was  a contender in America’s Next Top Model for cycles 2 and 3 in the year 2004.  Though films are her interest, the actress has been quite frank in admitting that her real passion loves in travel. She loves to travel the world and is a globe-trotter at heart.

How Nargis Fakhri got into movies

She was one of the calendar girls in the Kingfisher Swimsuit calendar in 2009.  When she was holidaying in Denmark, Nargis received a call from a person asking her to visit their office for a Bollywood movie audition. Looking back at how it all went, Nargis says, “I was like why do you want me to audition.  I told him I was an American. The director, it seemed, was really interested in meeting me for the project.  I was told that I could meet the director at Prague. As for me, I had zilch knowledge about Bollywood. My father would watch Hindi movies regularly on Channel 47, during my childhood. After my parents divorced, I lost that Bollywood connection too.  My pals told me to take the risk and meet the director. They assured me that since I have a credit card, I can always come back home. Besides Prague is my mom’s home-town, so I was like, why not?”

Nargis recalls her interaction with Imtiaz Ali at the hotel in Prague. She says, “Well, I saw this guy at the lobby, with such long hair.  I wanted to know if he was a weird freak or if he was a normal dude.  He told me to come to the hotel for a reading session. I was like ‘Fine’. I went to the room and he narrated the story of this movie, Rockstar. Boy, I was hooked I could actually visualize it even before the movie was made.  I wanted to take a shot at it. Imtiaz assured me that if I can come to India, he would train me, teach Hindi and audition me.”

Nargis says, learning Hindi was quite a tough experience.  She says, “I had to learn everything, ‘barahkhadi’.  I would be sitting in his office from Monday through Sunday, learning Hindi.  I would go home and start crying every night.  Plus, he would ask me to do strange exercises like staring at the wall all day.  We would sit all day and he would ask me to peer straight at him.  Yes, it was all necessary; he not built a trust between us and also molded me well into the character of Heer Kaul (Rockstar character)”

Nargis says that there is no mystery about her. She doesn’t believe in playing games. So she feels that she is no dating material, she is quite open, take it or leave it, as she puts it.


The 1.75 meter tall Nargis Fakrhi had been romantically linked to Uday Chopra for more than 2 years.  Recently, it was reported that the two had broken up with each other.  She was also by the side of Uday, when his father, the great producer-director Yash Chopra passed away.  Before Uday Chopra happened, Nargis was linked to her co-stars Ranbir Kapoor and Shahid Kapoor, which she laughed off as rumors.  However, she has admiration for both the actors.

Nargis divulges that she had a boyfriend before she came to the movies and it didn’t work out. She adds, “Well, we met at a nightclub and fell in love after six months of dating. We lived together for four years, had a home, dog, cars, you name it.  He wanted to propose marriage to me, but I was not ready. I felt I had to do many more things in life, travel for one. I love adventure and excitement.  Since it was not working out, I packed my bags and left. Eight years later, I don’t really regret my decision.  Take a chance, you never know, you can become a Bollywood movie star! And Yes, I have been travelling since 8 years and love every moment of it”

Nargis Fakhi’s attitude on marriage

Though she believes in life partner and romance, she does not believe in marriage.  She says, “ I am the ultimate romantic. I am the sort of guy who would put love letters in my guy’s pockets.  I would make his breakfast and give him foot massages. But sorry, I do not believe in marriage.  The movie industry does not really give you the time to know someone that well. Also, I feel marriage is not necessary, I  am an independent woman, make my own money and travel the world. I have seen lots of unmarried couples, I am yet to see a single marriage that can convince me to believe in this institution. I need love, yes, but I won’t compromise. So, I don’t think I will ever marry. “

Nargis says that she does miss her family. She adds, “After coming to India,  I was so lonely, there was no support system. I missed my mom and close friends. Yes, Skype and Face-Time helped but really hugging your mom or having a meal with friends is a different feeling.  My manage, whom I consider to be a close friend, helped me a lot.


Though her performances are yet to invite the praise of criticisms, she has improved with every movie.  All her four films,  Rockstar, Madras Café, Phata Poster Nikla Hero and Main Tera Hero were profitable ventures. Nargis Fakhri is impressive in item numbers, be it ‘Dhating Naach’ with Shahid Kapoor or the cult song ‘ Yaar Na Mile (Devil Song’) from Kick.

Brand Endorsements

Nargis Fakhri endorse Marico Parachute Hair Oil, Everyuth skin products,  Reebok,  Abil Real Estate,  Fashion & You,  PVR Cinemas, Kerovit sanitary brand and Mobilink.


Nargis says, “Never hold on to anything. Accept and let go, not just the negatives but the praise, as well.  One day, people criticize you and the next day, they praise you. Don’t let it impact you. Or it will get to the head. “

Nargis Fakhri Pictures

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