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RJ Pritam, one of the most popular RJs of 93.5 FM, is a radio jockey and actor. He is known for his flirtatious style of humor and infectious energy. And he is one of the contestants of Bigg Boss 8. The best thing about him is that he can be sarcastic and yet be sweet. His popular show ‘Gyarah se doh Bhabhi ka Show’ where he calls a 35 to 45 year old woman and makes them feel special is interesting. From solve the ‘bored’ problems of lonely housewives, discussing recipes to talking with celebrities, he makes the show a huge hit. He is adept at communicating with listeners of any age, at any level.

Pritam Singh (real name) was born on January 19. Before working for 93.5 FM, he worked for Radio Mirchi 98.3 FM Nagpur on the show “Total Filmy’. On the RedFM site, he lists his hobbies as  ‘chasing girls, flying kites and playing marbles’.

PJ Pritam is married and his wife’s name is Aman Jot, a Punjabi actress who has done a few films including Mundey Patilala De.

In the Bigg Boss 8 house, he began his stay as one of the secret members of the House, along with Deepshika and Puneet Issar to keep a close watch on the behavior of other housemates.

RJ Pritam Pyaare – Pictures

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rj pritam pyare 2 rj pritam singh

RJ Pritam Pyaar -wife (pictures)

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Pritam Singh meets son and wife Aman Jot (Bigg Boss 8)

The social media went beserk when they saw the preview of Pritam meeting his cute son Addityavir, who is barely a year old, and his beautiful wife Aman Jot. The next day, the episode saw Pritam bonding with his family after many days. He was pleased to know that his little one has learnt to walk. Incidentally, Aman Jot is a successful actress from Punjab, who has done films like  ‘Mundey Patiala De’.

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