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Sana Khan is a prominent reality show contestant, model and actress.  She has done more than 50 commercials, and worked in 15 movies and has been popular as a Bigg Boss contestant. She was a part of the Bigg Boss 6 series and also entered Bigg Boss 8 as one of the five ‘challenger contestants’ in January 2015.

Sana was born on August 21, 1987. The 27 year old stays with her mom in Mumbai. Her father is a Keralite.  Sana studied till 12 standard, before she veered into modeling.

Sana Khan – The Amul  Macho ad

sana khan amul macho photo

sana khan amul macho

Sana  Khan’s first controversy was when she did a TV ad for men’s underwear brand ‘Amul Macho’ in  2007. She was seen raunchily washing briefs and trunks and making provocative expressions.  Certain organizations sough to ban the ad.  The success of the ad was so much that a sequel was created for the same brand featuring her in a tamer version in 2008. Both ads featured the winning tagline ‘yeh toh bada towing hain’.

Sana Khan – Films

sana khan photo 2

sana khan pictures 4

sana khan pictures

The 5 feet 3 inch tall Sana Khan has acted in as many as 14 films in Hindi and South Indian languages. Her first film was a low budget movie called Yeh Hai High Society which came out in 2005. Her most popular South Indian film is a Tamil movie called ‘Silambattam’ which even won the Best Debut Award from IFTA in 2009. Sana Khan has also been a part of few Bollywood projects like Bombay to Goa, Dhan Dhana Dhan Goal and Jai Ho!

Sana Khan – Bigg Boss 6 controversies

Sana Khan beautiful

Sana Khan was called the ‘mirror queen’ in jest because of her affinity to admire herself in the mirror. She was also linked to TV actress Aaksha Goradia, as they were seen getting too close for comfort a few times. She was also paired with Vishal  Karwal and Rajeev Paul. Sana Khan after she came back out of the show, that there were just speculations, and that all of these contestants were just friends.

Sana Khan Controversy – police complaint for kidnapping

Sana Khan was charged with kidnapping a 15 year old girl because she had rebuffed the marriage proposal of her (Sana’s ) cousin.  Sana later told the media that it was rubbish as she had merely visited the girl’s mother in Navi Mumbai and the next thing she knew, she was charged with complaint of kidnapping.

Sana Khan controversy – boyfriend Ismail slaps Sahil Khan

sana khan boyfriend ismal khan photo

Sana Khan was confronted with another controversy when her alleged boyfriend Ismail was charged with hitting actor Sahil Khan (who was linked to Ayesha Shroff, Jackie Shroff’s wife)  in the gym.  While it was stated that the fight was over a business deal which turned ugly, Sahil said that Ismail hit him because he thought Sahil was planning stories to the media about the kidnapping of the teenager girl

Sana Khan controversy with a  certain Poonam Khanna

sana khan poonam khanna
Poonam Khan (left)
sana khan sahil khan ismail
Ismail (left) and Sahil Khan (right)

Poonam Khanna, a media consultant registered a police complaint of threat and molestation against Sana Khan, Ismail and Sana’s servant.  Sana and Ismail who were arrested, were released on bail before Sana registered a police complaint against Poonam for cheating and defrauding her of  Rs.11 lakhs . Sana in her statement to the media said, “ I had gone to the hospital where Poonam was getting treated, along with Ismail and my servant to visit Poonam.The woman conned me of Rs 11 lakh, paid to her for a property which was supposed to fetch me double the amount from a builder, who wanted to redevelop a slum. Then, I invested another Rs 3 lakh through her, as a token amount for Rs 2 crore flat. I met Poonam through my tailor and then she started coming home frequently. I trusted her but then she tried to steal my credit card. With time, I realized that she was a fraud and was not interested in giving my money back.”

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