Kriti Sanon – Diet, Beauty and Workout Tips

Kriti Sanon has an enviable figure with her assets being her lovely hair and those never-ending legs.  What are her diet secrets and how does she keep herself fit and may, we add, hot?

She says, “ I ensure that I have warm water with honey to keep the  toxins away.  My breakfast is two eggs in any way with two slices of brown bread and fresh juice.  Or if there is no juice, I have protein shakes along with  a couple of brown bread slices.  I have a bowl of muesli  sometimes, with hot milk.”

Kriti says that she is a non-vegetarian and loves her butter chicken, button biryani, palak panner and rajma rice.  Her lunch is  two rotis and brown rice with dal, fish, chicken or vegetables along with it.  She insists on fresh salads with every meal.

kriti sanon diet

 Kriti says for evening she has steamed sweet corn with a  good protein shake.  Or sometimes, she has tea with fiber-rich biscuits.  She says her dinner is the same as lunch but little lighter than the day meal.

Kriti says that she ensures that she has at least two cups of green tea everyday and a glass of milk either in the morning or night.  She doesn’t like food with too much oil  in it and does not really prefer spicy food.

Her favorite fruits are pineapple, watermelon, cheeku and pomegranate. Her favorite deserts include anything with chocolate, caramel custard and moong-daal ka halwa.

Kriti can says that she doesn’t like cooking but can make eggs, Maggie and tea to save her life.  She says that she looks up to her mom for delicious foods and says right from the school days when she would pack her tiffin till today, she has always impressed her.  Kriti says her mom can prepare Chinese and chicken really well.

kriti sanon beautiful

The Heropanti actress says that her idea of romantic meal is a candlelight dinner in an open space with lamps around like a beach and soft music in the background.

Her beauty tips are quite simple.  Kriti says uses a quality makeup remover and then wash your face with a mild face wash. She likes to massage shampoo lightly on the scalp, instead of the hair.

Kriti Sanon without makeup (pictures)

kriti sanon no makeup pictures kriti sanon without makeup images Kriti Sanon without makeup photo

The transformation

kriti sanon makeup beauty Kriti Sanon makeup

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