Madhuri Dixit wants her sons to learn classical dance

Madhuri Dixit is proud of her sons, Arin and Raayan, who she says are not really affected by their mother’s super-stardom. The 47 year old says, “I have no idea if my kids really know much about my movie career, but I like it that way. I like their innocence. My little one comes to me and says ‘mom, are you really that famous?”

Madhuri Dixit wants her children to take up classical dancing.  She says, “There is a lot of western dancing coming now and it is easy to learn but I think classical dancing is where the treasure lies. Once you learn classical dance, you can learn all forms of dance. That base is important, so I would urge people to learn classical.”

On October 17, 1999, Madhuri married cardiovascular surgeon from Los Angeles, Dr.Sriram Nene, who is also from the same Marathi background as her. The couple settled in Denver after marriage. Arin(11) was born in March 2003 and Raayan(9) was born on March 2005. Madhuri was in the US for almost ten years. In 2011, she came to Mumbai with her family, where she has been settling and doing TV and movie projects.

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