Main Tera Hero Movie Review – Terrible Second Half!

Main Tera Hero is a tale of two David Dhawans- the 1st half is a telling testimony of his sway over the box-office in the 90s and the second half is a reflection of how he lost his grip over the audiences in the last decade.

Story of Main Tera Hero

As expected, the story is nothing to harp about, and the screenplay takes precedence over the plot. Inspired from the Telugu movie ‘Kandireega’, the love-triangle has the not-so academically brilliant Seenath ‘Seenu’ Prasad (Varun Dhawan) falling in love with Sunaina (Illeana D’Cruz).  Sunaina’s stalker with anger-management issues and a twit of a brain,  Angad (Arunoday Singh), does not fancy these developments and he lays a trap, which messes up Seenu’s love life.  Seenu comes to know that Sunaina is kidnapped by the don Vikran (Anupam Kher) because his daughter Ayesha (Nargis Fakhri) has fallen in love with him (Seenu). Now Varun has an uphill job of reasoning out with  Ayesha that he loves Sunaina, while keeping Arunoday at bay.

Plus points  

Daddy knows best when it comes to directing his son and David Dhawan ensures that he fires on all posts, to ensure that Varun  rules the movie.  Some may mistake the movie for being Varun Dhawan’s debut film, the canvas is so flattering.  The first half is entertaining with some funny sequences that play to the gallery.

Minus points  

The excuse of a plot actually looks better on paper than it was executed. While the first half was solidly entertaining, the second half is a massive let-down. The jokes becomes insipid, sequences became repetitive and grating on the nerves. The climax is quite dull. The character sketch of the so-called villain goes for a toss. At times, Arunoday’s character is scheming and menacing, at other times, he seems like a dud with a three year old brain; and it is not funny at all, even in the slapstick sense.  Some songs even mar the flow of the film.

Performances in Main Tera Hero

Varun Dhawan is Govinda and Salman Khan rolled into one, he has the unmistakable Salman gait and when he breaks into a wise-crack, it is Govinda talking  Simply put, he does a brilliant job, both at complimenting the two veterans while retaining his individuality. Illeana does a fine job, while Nargis Fakhri needs more training. The supporting characters do a better job, with Arunoday Singh leading the fray, followed by Rajpal Yadav and Saurabh  Shukla. Anupam Kher hams it up but it is supposed to be cool in a David Dhawan film


Main Tera Hero is an average film; if you find yourself taking that call post-interval, it is not your fault.

main tera hero movie review


**1/2 (Below Average)

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