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Indrani Chakraborty is an Indian actress from Bengal. She is popularly referred to as Mishti, a type of Bengali sweet, by her peers and fans. Indrani is currently in the news for being the latest discovery of director/producer Subhash Ghai, who is known for his penchant for introducing and launching new faces into the Indian Film Industry.

Indrani Chakraborty has been rechristened as Mishti by Subhash Ghai and will soon be seen in the lead female role in his upcoming movie ‘Kaanchi.’The leading lady of the film was unveiled by Ghai at the launch of the first movie trailer.

The career of Indrani Chakraborty/Mishti

Even though the 23 year old Indrani Chakraborty has been projected by Ghai as a new find, she has been a part of the film fraternity for a few years now. She may not have worked in a ‘Bollywood’ movie, but she has acted in several regional movies. Mishti has also played a cameo in a Hindi movie called “Strings of Passion.”The film is currently doing the rounds of film festivals and will be officially released in the coming months.

Her debut film was the Bengali film ‘Bidehir Khonje Rabindranath’ directed by Sanghamitra Chaudhuri. She also played the role of the daughter of Bengali film star ProsenjitChatterjee in the Bengali movie “Porichoi.”The film was shot in Newcastle in the UK. When speculations about the Bollywood debut of Mishti reached the ears of Prosenjit, he was quite aghast. He was not able to come to terms with the idea of Mishti being a ‘find’ of Ghai and that his film was the breakthrough of Mishti into the Indian film industry. He stated that the idea of someone ‘finding’ Mishti when she had already finished a filming a movie with him, mystified him.

It is but a fact that Indrani Chakraborty is trying to gain that added advantage and mileage by projecting herself as a newbie in the film industry. And everyone is trying to determine whether she can be termed as a newcomer or not. But to Mishti’s fans, none of this controversy matters. The fans are only enamored by her sweet looks and her even sweeter name ‘Mishti.’ Over a period of just a few weeks, she has achieved what she had set out to do, that is get all the attention and focus onto her and the movie ‘Kaanchi.’ Subhash Ghai must be a very happy man!

How Indrani Chakraborty became Mishti for Kaanchi

Subhash Ghai is known as the man who discovered many actors and stars like Jackie Shroff, Manisha Koirala, and Mahima Chaudhary. After coming up with the storyline and concept of his new magnum opus ‘Kaanchi,’ Ghai decided that he wanted to introduce a fresh face as the female lead. Thus began the auditions, and nearly 400 girls were screened before Ghai stopped at Mishti. She was later screen tested for the role in Kaanchi. Ghai then became sure that she was the girl as she was oozing all that was ‘Kaanchi.’

About Indrani Chakraborty, Ghai has stated that she is one of the most talented newbie actresses that he had ever discovered. She is simply fantastic and a superstar in the making. He further emphasized that Mishti’s performance in Kaanchi has to be seen to be believed.

When Indrani Chakraborty got a call from Mukta Arts about her selection as the lead actress in Kaanchi, she could not believe her ears. This was the time when she was in the UK, shooting for her film with Prosenjit. Mishti gleefully recounts that when she got the call from Ghai’s office about her casting, she immediately said yes without a second thought. She maintains that it was a great decision and the best of her life.

After all the talk and hype, the first poster of Kaanchi was released for the public. Mishti looked absolutely gorgeous in the poster. She already looks and feels as if she was born to be a film star, and the beautiful film poster is a reflection of that fact.

Mishti is enacting the role of a brave village girl in the movie Kaanchi. Her male co-star is Karthik, who is her lover in the romantic drama.Reports indicate that the showman of Bollywood, Subhash Ghai, has beautifully combined dance and music into the primary theme of the movie. The film is expected to release in the latter half of this year.

Mishti’s first television appearance on Comedy Nights with Kapil

The charming actress made her television debut promoting her movie ‘Kaanchi’ in Comedy Nights with Kapil, along with Mithun Chakraborty and director Subash Ghai. She hinted that the director was strict as was his norm. The director said that whenever he had fired an actress, she had turned out to be successful.

 Mishti – Boyfriend and other Trivia

Only 22 years old, Mishti is currently not dating anyone and is very much a happy, single girl. While her co-star in ‘Kaanchi’, Kartik  Tiwari is two films old, with Pyaar Ka Punchnama and Aakashwami, this is Mishti’s first movie.  A common friend said that the two were spending maximum together, so much that they are taking the next step forward in their relationship. The friend even added that Karthik regularly would pick up and drop Kaanchi after they wound up their work.

She is about 5’5″ tall.Mishti did not expect her film career to soar such heights at such a rapid pace. She only did a few modelling assignments and some Bengali films after completing her graduation. That was all. Kaanchi was indeed a big and pleasant surprise!

Mishti’s favorite movie is Subhash Ghai’s ‘Taal.’ She has stated that the intrinsic lyricism of the storyline, the relationships, the mystic storytelling, the haunting and melodious music, and the ravishing presence of Aishwarya Rai are what made her fall completely in love with the movie.

Mishti and her kissing controversy

Evoking the memories of Raja Hindustani, famed for its kissing retakes, it was stated by a source in the sets that Mishti and Karthik ended up taking 30 retakes to get the kiss perfect.  The source added,”There is such magnetic chemistry between the two, that they would get carried away during the kissing scene and the director had to retake again. But no one had  a problem.”

Karthik and Mishti refused to comment on the report.

Mishti (Indrani Chakraborty) – Photos

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