Nargis Fakhri – Diet and Workout Tips

Nargis Fakhri is drop dead gorgeous even without makeup. The easy-going woman who looks stunning at 35 says that youth has nothing do with looking good.  She says, “It is about how you feel. I am 12 year old at heart.  I am always moving, travelling which is quite an easy way to burn those calories.“
She says she is an outdoor activity person and prefer it any-day to the gym.  Nargis is someone who takes the stairs instead of an elevator. She says, “I try to fit in some workout or the other every day, Zumba or stretches.   I climbed 52 floors to visit my friends at a Manhattan hotel.  I had to stop at the 20th floor to breath for 2 minutes” Impressed!

Nargis says that Zumba is a stress-reliever and so are hot-water baths, soft music and light-scented candles and meditation.  She says, “Being with family and friends is the best stress buster, and of course, there is traveling. “ She advocates exercising, to trigger happy hormones.  She says she is always at the receiving end of some leg-pulling or does it to someone herself, laughing and making wise-cracks to relieve stress at work.

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Nargis Fakhri  says that she has a healthy diet which includes fresh vegetables, eggs and bananas.  She stays away from processed foods and aerated drinks. Nargis says, “I love dark chocolate. I am a good cook, I believe. I enjoying cooking my own dishes, I do it with love I love trying out new dishes.”

Nargis has a reason for not eating heavy dishes. She says, “I get stomach upset with them I also have milk and breads in moderate quantities as my system does not agree with it. “

Her diet can be summarized as under

Breakfast: three boiled eggs

Snack: almonds and walnuts
Lunch: Chicken sandwich or a vegetable soup with some salad
Throughout  the day: 2 bananas, an orange and some dark chocolate

Dinner: Vegetable-dish or sardines with onions. Or palak or rajma and daal with four-five chappatis.

She also has multi-vitamins.

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