Parineeti Chopra – Diet Plan, Workout Routine and Makeup Tips

Parineeti Chopra, has not been so lucky like her cousin Priyanka Chopra, when it came to metabolism. So piling on the pounds was natural to her, even though she would eat lesser than Priyanka Chopra. But with movies came the responsibility to look fitter.

Parineeti says,” I believe I am in a visual medium and I am here to compete, I better have a good body.” She began consciously working on her body from January 2014 and the results have begun to show.  She says, “The body type affects the clothes we wear and I for one, was not able to buy good dresses for me, because they wouldn’t look good on me.  For instance, I couldn’t wear sleeveless as it would make me look fat. So, it was not just movies, I wanted to look slim in real life too. Also, in movies, if I ever have to wear short or a bikini, I should be able to carry it off well.”

Parineeti aims just to get a toned body and going for size-zero is out of question. She says,’ Even if I had to starve, I wouldn’t get a size zero body.”

The actress has given up on pizzas, her addiction and first-love but she says she had no choice.  She says, “No one likes fat actresses, it is not about bikinis and stuff, it is just the matter of being presentable. At one point of time, I was 85 kilos. Now, the competition has increased and people get bored if you go overweight.  So I am conscious of being fit now.”

Parineeti goes for jogging early in the morning and does meditation. She does yoga for an hour.  She also loves to do cardio and run on the treadmill.    She has also  taken dance classes,  and swims more than ever.

parineeti chopra diet food

Diet secrets

Her breakfast is brown bread and butter with egg-whites and a glass of juice or milk.

For lunch, she has daal-roti, and brown rice. She also adds leafy vegetables to her diet.

The dinner consists of chicken, lean meat or veggies with less oil and chocolate shake.  She makes sure that she sleeps two hours after having her dinner

Makeup tips

Parineeti Chopra makeup

Parineeti Chopra says that she was actually clueless about skin-care and beauty unlike girls her age.  She says,”If you had asked me what I do for my skin, I would be blank because I wouldn’t do anything.  But now after being an actress, I have no choice but to take care of it, if I have to save it from makeup.”

Parineeti says, “I clean my face with a simple Nivea face-wash and moisturize it.  I don’t really go to spas but after a hard day’s work, I hit a hot shower.  I take long baths, for 45 minutes and enjoy the feeling of de-stressing.  I do not really go for facial massage and spas.”

The Hasee toh Phasee girl says, “I think I should have been born as a guy. Unlike a regular girl, I hardly spend on cosmetics and creams.  I don’t have any cosmetic product in my bag, except for lip gloss and chapsticks. I only spend money on lip balms.”

She adds that she follows some of her mother’s home remedies for skin care.  Parineeti says, “For instance, my mother has always told me to apply natural aloe-vera juice on the face to keep it moisturized and soft.  I follow that bit.”

parineeti chopra hot

There are many Bollywood actresses who go for plastic surgery to look young, what about her? Parineeti exclaims” Oh no, I cannot imagine doing that. Even if I wanted to, I won’t because I  can’t do it, I am too scared.”

Here are Parineeti Chopra’s pictures without makeup.

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