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Parineeti Chopra is a successful Bollywood actress known for her brilliant acting skills.  Born to Pawan Chopra and Reena Chopra in Amabala, Haryana, she belongs to a Punjabi family. Her father is an entrepreneur and provides supplies to Indian Army at Ambala bivouac. Parineeti has two brothers named Saraj and Shivang. For those who do not know, Priyanka Chopra the glamorous and stunning Indian film actress is cousin to Parineeti Chopra. Another cousin of Parineeti, Barbie Handa, is all set to make her career in Hindi films after being around in south Indian film industry for a while.

Parineeti Chopra did her schooling from Convent of Jesus and Mary school in Ambala. According to an interview she asserts that she was an outstanding student with desire to become investment banker. Parineeti Chopra moved to London for a higher education when she was 17 years old. She achieved triple honors degree in economics, finance and business from Manchester Business School in UK.

Parineeti Chopra worked as a PR advisor at Yash Raj Films

The actress says that she was never interested in acting. Ironically, for her it was just an excuse for wearing makeup. Parineeti, during economic recession in 2009, came back to India. She moved to Mumbai and stayed with her cousin Priyanka Chopra. Priyanka introduced Parineeti to Public Relations team head while visiting Yash Raj Films studio. She managed to get internship in marketing department as ‘public relation’ advisor. It seemed a perfect job for her as she could utilize all that she learned. While working around and noticing actors, her opinion about acting changed and her respect for acting and film industry increased.

How Parineeti Chopra got her break

While working on Band Baaja Baaraat promotion, Parineeti Chopra felt the urge to become an actress. She resigned from her consultant’s job to attend acting classes. Director Maneesh Sharma suggested vice president of Yash Raj Films Aditya Chopra to sign Parineeti Chopra. Not really interested  with the idea of signing of someone from his own marketing team, Aditya Chopra refused to hire Chopra as actress. Parineeti informed Maneesh Sharma about her idea of resigning and joining acting school. Sharma suggested Parineeti to meet casting director of Yash Raj films who asked Chopra to attend a dummy audition for amusement. She remembered few lines by character Geet (played by Kareena Kapoor) in Jab We Met and did what she thinks was ‘fooling around with the camera’. Chopra’s audition tape was later seen by Aditya Chopra who was impressed with her performance.  She was then signed for three films due to her phenomenal performance during the audition.

Parineeti Chopra made her debut in the year 2011 as supporting actor in Ladies vs Ricky Bahl, a romantic comedy starring Anuskha Sharma and Ranveer Singh. Parineeti played Dimple Chadda a rich brat from Delhi and one of the three conned girls who plots a plan against Ranveer Singh who plays the con and protagonist in the movie. The movie was a moderate hit in box office and received mix response from the critics. However, Chopra managed to make her mark by her performance and was praised by critics. Among the three conned girls Parineeti’s performance was best and justified the character well with proper dialogue delivery and acting skills.

Parineeti Chopra received several awards for her role as Dimple Chadda in Ladies vs Ricky Bahl. She bagged Filmfare Awards, Apsara Award, IIFA Award and Screen Award for best debutant female. She was also nominated for best supporting actor for Filmfare, Apsara and IIFA out of which she bagged Apasara and IFFA awards in supporting category.


Parineeti Chopra’s second release as lead actress was Ishaqzaade, a romantic drama directed by Habib Faisal. She co-starred with Arjun Kapoor (who played Parma Chauhan). The movie revolves around clashes and enmity of two political families whose mutual detest is generations old. Parineeti played Zoya in the film, a Muslim unruly and plucky girl who marries Parma Chaunan (Arjun Kapoor). This raises a new rivalry between the two families. The film was positively received by the critic while Chopra received critical acclaim. She again justified the character of a boisterous girl which is not often seen in usual Hindi films.

At 60th National Film Awards Parineeti Chopra received Special Mention award. She was nominated for Filmfare, Apsara and Screen awards for best actress for the first time.

Parineeti Chopra ‘s  Shudhh Desi Romance released along with cousin Priyanka Chopra’s Zanjeer on the same day  (September 6, 2013). While Zanjeer flopped, Parineet’s movie got a good response and went on to above average business.

Upcoming Projects

She has  also bagged ‘Hasee Toh Phasee’ alongside Siddharth Malhotra. This is her first project out of Yash Raj Films’ contract. The movie is co-produced by Karan Johar and Anurag Kashyap and directed by Vinil Mathew.

Chopra also signed Kill Dil a Shaad Ali film co-starring with Ranveer Singh and Ali Zaffar. She describes the project as her first glamorous act of her career.   She is also decided for Habib Faisal’s nest movie alongside Aditya R Kappor which will be released under Yash Raj Films banner.

Shudh Desi Romance established Parineeti Chopra as the most talented actress among contemporaries

When interviewed about nature of Shudh Desi Romance, the 1. 68 meter tall Parineeti asserted that it is not only about live-in relationship as expected but goes beyond it. It is about three individuals who follow their hearts’ instincts irrespective of what their parents or the society will think. Her character is outgoing with several relationships about which she is open. The characters in the film do everything that is tabooed in the society but the way they do it makes it look normal.

Parineeti Chopra Diet Plan and exercise regimen

Parineeti Chopra explains her love for Pizza. She is a pizza lover but to meet her professional requirements and look suitable for roles such as in Hasee Toh Phasee where she has to play glamorous girl, she learned to say no to pizzas. She asserts that since she is a part of glamor industry she has to maintain her weight. Chopra lost around 8 kg in a month which is a spectacular achievement. She loves eating Indian food.

Parineeti Chopra starts her day with morning jog followed by a regular session of meditation. She is fond of yoga which she does on regular basis. Swimming is something in the list if Parineeti’s hobbies. She also invests time running on treadmill and taking dance classes. To remain fit her focus is mostly on cardio exercises and yoga. Parineeti loves horse riding as she has interest in horses.

Chopra explains that she has a tendency to gain weight unlike her cousin Priyanka Chopra. Abut Priyanka Parineeti says “Priyanka has good metabolism; she does not have the tendency to put on weight whereas I have always been on the fatter side. I used to wear size 36 jeans and weight 85 kilos but now I workout. I actually workout just two months before shooting”

Parineeti Chopra’s Boyfriend

It was rumored that Parineeti and Uday Chopra are in relationship. But she laughs at the alleged connection between the two. She was also rumored to be seeing Arjun kapoor, Maneesh Chopra and Jackky Bhagnani. She denies on any of the reports but she says “If I do have a boyfriend, Priyanka Chopra would be the first to know,”

Parineeti Chopra was also a victim of recent controversy wherein many eyebrow raised as her attire had an insignificant tear at the back. During an awards function she donned herself in red cocktail dress. A small tear appeared at the rear on the dress which became perhaps the first controversy of Parineeti’s Bollywood journey. Incidentally she is known as the queen of wardrobe malfunctions, given her recent mess-ups with her dressing.

Parineeti Chopra – Height, Weight, Age and Physical Attributes 

Date of Birth – October 27, 1998

Zodiac Sign: Libra

Age :  24 years

Place of Birth: Ambala

Marital Status: Unmarried

Height: 1.72 m (5.5 foot)

Weight: approx 58 kg

Best Feature – Smile and Lips


  1. She is accused of being a loud-mouth; Parineeti says she can’t help it because she is very talkative and she can only be herself.
  2. Alia Bhatt, her contemporary regards Parineeti Chopra as her favorite actress.
  3. Parineeti is a die-hard non-vegetarian and goes ga-ga over chicken.
  4. She likes to hold a no-holds barred conversation and her character in Shudhh Desi Romance is an extension of her personality
  5. Her favorite travel destination is London. She finds the city as a paradise for good food and shopping. Plus she loves the weather in the city.
  6. Parineeti Chopra’s first job was in the Manchester United Football team, as  a team leader for caterers.  This was when she was studying in that city.
  7. Parineeti loves gadgets and likes to get something or the other which catches her fancy. She is a huge Apple iPad fan and says that she got an Apple laptop after her first movie paycheck for Ladies vs Rickey Bahl.
  8. Parineeti says that she is crazy for shoes. She says “I am someone who will not spend Rs. 80000 for a pair but probably buy 20 pairs for Rs. 200 each. I just love the variety.”
  9. She is terrified of snakes.
  10. Parineeti Chopra’s favorite actor is Saif Ali Khan.
  11. She is not into designer wear but insists that whatever she buys, has to be of good quality, even a ganji.
  12. She says that she is  trained classic singer and hopes to take it up sometime in her career.
  13. Parineeti follows a simple beauty regime, the two products that you will always find in her purse or bag are a lip balm and Nivea’s Total Face Cleanup.

Parineeti Chopra’s stance on kissing and bikini

She believes that as an actress you have to play any part with complete conviction. She says she is open to kissing scene but does not think that she has a body for bikini. She candidly says, “If I have a hot body, then why not? But right now, I don’t have the right body. I am still overweight, so there’s no way I can wear a bikini.”

Parineeti Chopra – Photos

Childhood picture

parineeti chopra childhood

Parineeti Chopra ‘fat’ photos

This is the phase in life which she says she was quite overweight. This was when she was studying and working in Manchester.

parineeti chopra fat pics

After joining films

Parineeti Chopra hot photo 2 parineeti chopra wallpaper Parineeti Chopra pictures 3 Parineeti Chopra kiss Parineeti Chopra picture 2 Parineeti Chopra hot pictures

Parineeti Chopra hot pic

  Parineeti Chopra hot picture

Parineeti Chopra hot pics

Parineeti Chopra picture

Parineeti Chopra photo

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