Parineeti Chopra without Makeup

Here are pictures of Parineeti Chopra without makeup. The talented actress who is on the forefront of top performers in her contemporaries likes to either wear minimal or no makeup.  While her cousin sister Priyanka Chopra is always seen looking chic and stylish, Parineeti likes to go casual most of the time. The actress says that she  is happy, being without makeup off camera. She says,  “I just use lip-balm. I don’t use makeup off camera. I am pretty lazy that way. I don’t like to waste time applying and removing makeup.  I just prefer sleeping, when I return home at night. Everyday my mother tells me to use this beauty tip or that, but I have never listened to her.”

Parineeti says that she is afraid of going for plastic surgery or using Botox.  She says, “No, never. I am too scared of the process. I would have done a lot of things by now (hinting at cosmetic surgery) if I were not scared. But I am always scared of these things.”

Parineeti Chopra without makeup – photos

parineeti chopra without makeup pictures

parineeti chopra without makeup photos parineeti chopra without makeup pictures 2

parineeti chopra no makeup

parineeti chopra without makeup

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